CRYPTO vs FIAT - Hive Twitter Storm Incoming

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Heyo everyone!

Lately, I've been trying to do some art and I must say that I enjoy it much more than I thought I would. Since I bought a graphics tablet I didn't play any PC game and that is something that I haven't done in many years. It just says how much I enjoy creating art, here and there, now and then :)


A few posts ago, I was wondering what to create next and luckily got a request from our @nathanmars to draw Charles Hoskinson. I gladly accepted the challenge but little did I know I would end up with this:


I must admit that this piece can still be edited with something to fill the middle, but this was made so that I can create a GIF from it, which you can see below.

Nathan's plan was to create something that will get Charles Hoskinson's attention on Twitter and get him a bit more interested in HIVE and our great community which he already praised a month ago. So, I kinda got off the plan and added a whole another idea. Spicey, eh?

But, back to the plan.

I already talked to Nathan and our idea is to storm Twitter (as we already do) with this GIF and try to get Charles interested in talking with us. We know the strength of our community and what we can do when we're united.

I will share with you this GIF on WeTransfer because we need it to be less than 15MB to share it on Twitter. Please, pay attention because the link will expire in 7 days.


If you want more info, please ask @nathanmars in the comments below. He will orchestrate this ''attack'' and get us hyped as he knows the best.

See you on Twitter, HIVE community. Let's try to do our best! <3

On the other side

I also wanted to let you know how I created this piece here. I will add everything I need to in the Source section but let me explain to you how I did it.

First, I traced these Spartans and just reflected them on the other side. Then I've drawn the pit in the middle and added lightning for some special effects but also to hide the blending of the left and right background.


After blending those backgrounds, I added the sun and the moon kinda to represent a good and bad side. It was the first time blending two images into one but I did it somehow and I'm satisfied how it looks. I still need more practice with this but I'm getting there :)

I also added the smoke coming from the bad side and then it was time to add some colors to these Spartans.


I ended up with the idea for the left side to be painted with ''natural colors''. Green representing grass or leaves, blue representing sky, sea or water, and a bit of brown to represent wood. With the right side, I just wanted it to have darker colors so I picked black, dark purple and purple as the main colors.


After finishing this, I was wondering what to do next and got a brilliant idea from @diskoteqa to add the famous John Travolta GIF. I didn't think twice :D

And, that was it. I am personally satisfied with this, especially because I've learned a lot of new stuff on Illustrator and Photoshop.

All the attributions and sources I used to create this piece:

Background lightning
The Smoke
The Moon
The Sun
The Lightning
Background - Lunar Eclipse
Background - The Forest

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


You can easily find me on Discord (Mr. Spacely #7598). If you like my content, you can also support me here:




Disiz not a chjoke!

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