What Matters In An Exchange Coin

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There are a lot of exchanges in crypto that pop up and some have their own coins that people can invest in. These coins can do well if they have a reason to exist. Some are just made to help the company make money during their ico but others have value that can be worth a lot of the exchange has a lot of volume attached to it. Knowing the difference can really help you have a better change of getting a return on your investment instead of watching another coin drop to zero (and we have all been there). There are no guarantees in crypto and as it is high risk please only buy crypto with money you can afford to lose.

When you are making a coin for an exchange it is important to give that coin value. This can easily be done as every site that trades crypto has fees attached to it. These fees should go to the people who hold the coin. It does not need to be 100% to the coin holders but a good percent of the fees should be paid out to people who invest and hold the coin as this gives them a return on their investment.

There are lots of perks to this for the investor as they are making passive income just for staking a coin and the coin itself can also go up in value. But the biggest benefit is they are getting paid in a currency separate from the one they are holding. Since fees are paid in other coins people can earn a basket of coins for one coin or they can earn USD for holding their coin. This means that the lower the price of the coin the more people might want to buy it as they are still getting a return based on the volume of the site. This can lead to a high APR when the price of the coin dips.

If an exchange has good volume this can lead to a coin that is paying high dividends which is what people should be looking for when they are making their choice of what coin to buy. Why has your money just sit there when it can work for you. This is what a coin should have on an exchange site to attract new users.

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