When I First Learned About Crpytocurrency (steemit) And Why I Stay In The Space

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Steem was actually when I found out about crypto and how this whole crazy world works. I was not looking into the technology at the time as was just looking for sites that would pay me for my work. Before steem I used a site called Tsu which was another social media site that paid for your work (not in crypto though). Unfortunately Tsu did not make it and after it shut down I was even more interested in finding a site that would pay for content so I would have a solid part time job. This is when I found steemit.

It wasn't until the price of steem went on the market and skot up to $4 did I see how crypto was a way to reward people for their work online. Since the coin could have any value in theory if the site is popular enough then it could get to a high enough price to reward a lot of people for their work online. And on top of that we can still have ads and other ways to pay content creators online.

Things got pretty crazy when steem was up to $8 and it was clear and a lot of people could make a living off of the site if they put the time in.

Unfortunately this didn't last and there was a big crash in the market that led a lot of people to move on.

I stuck around crypto as I saw the potential it had. If we could get enough users on one of these blockchain sites and enough money coming in then we could pay content creators who work hard to put their work only. Not only did it give opportunity to users but it also had other benefits like low fees when you send it to anyone in the world.

Then I started to look at other projects and really get into this space. I have been here through the ico days where I had some success and made some bad investments. And I stuck around through the bear market where bitcoin and alts kept dropping but I still held on. I think things are starting to change but it is too early to tell.

I don't know where we are going in the space but I do know there is a good chance that people who want to post or work online will be able to make a living when crypto gets to a high enough level. Time will tell but I'm not going anywhere.

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Nice piece staying and sticking around with steem currency during good and hard time is a good quality of gaining users confidence and I can say you confidence in steem as crypto currency has kept you going.
Thanks for such insightful massage @whatageek