Emerging Stronger And Better

4개월 전

When an earthen vessel has been produced, to make it stronger and to appear more beautiful, there is a need to pass it through a heating process and when it comes out, the beauty will emerge. This is also what happens when we pass through challenges. The tough situations that you pass through has only purpose: to toughen you. No wonder this particular old quote states and I paraphrase:

If something does not kill you, it will definitely make you to become stronger


People that get broken at the face of challenges do so not because the challenges are weightier than them but because they have not built themselves up in readiness for the challenges. Remember the analogy I gave early about the earthen vessel that gets solidified by passing through fire. If you pass plastic or rubber vessel through the same fire, they will melt.

This is just to let you know that what matters most in the face of challenge is not the nature or intensity of the challenge but your inner ability to prevail - just like what matters when passing vessels in fire is not the intensity of the fire but the material the vessel is made of.

There are some levels you can't attain in life if you have not passed through the "fires" of life which signify challenges. This is why challenges are part of the glory story of successful people. Gold as a precious metal, for example, if you mine it from goldmine, the colour will be dark and the beauty will be encapsulated in impurities and dirts.

However, to get the best out of the impure gold and to make the beauty to emerge, it will be passed through a process of heating and whatnot. Refusal to pass through the furnace for heating will mean refusing the beautification and purification process. This same thing happens when people tend not to face the challenges that confront them, they will prolong their glorification.

There is always a not-so-pleasant story behind every glory. Just so that you'll know; "prize" and "price" are two mutually inclusive and mutually binding events. What this means is; for the prize to be received, it is of necessity that the price will be paid..


For every challenge and opposition that confronts you, just see it as the necessary price to be paid by you to have the breakthrough you need, and enough strength will be released within you to confront it. Always remember that confronting challenges makes you emerge stronger and better.

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