The Theory of Life

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The nonstop sound of rain falling on the roof, refreshing smell of wet grass, and your lover whispering in your ears all the nice things she would do to you in bed while you sit on the stairs of a cottage far up in the mountains, what could be better than this? What could ruin such a moment?

Well, so many things. Getting a phone call saying your sister is dead, or one of your female friends calling and asking for help as she is fearing somebody is coming to harm her or a text saying, your best buddy is just been in a motorbike accident.

I mean, somebody can only get so many bad news in a year. And the past two years seems to be breaking all the records. But, everybody keeps repeating like robots that its all part of life.


I was trekking with my mates in a small rainforest mountain when I heard the news, that a buddy of mine is just been an accident. The only guy who didn’t come with us, while he was in the safety of the city, now he was fighting for his dear life. We were supposed to extend our travel for a bit more with enough budgets for all the fun things we decided on. And yet, that one phone call ruined everything. None of us could’ve said for certain that he might survive.

AND he survived. Just before the corona situation started, he almost completely recovered lighting a little spark of hope that everything among us will be okay like before.

But fate decided to toy with us a little more and today, of all days, today, when amidst all the odds we decided to hang out, his grandfather died. Who in the absence of his actual father played the role. We wanted to lessen the depressive omen hanging above all of us and we came back with even more of it.

We all know what life is. A gift from the heavens. But is it really? Science has almost proven otherwise. A little farther and if it gets proven for a fact that we, humans are just a random anomaly in a vast multiverse rather than the thoughtful creation of a higher being, all religious beliefs will crumble.

Religion explains one thing that science can't, at least in essence that what is there after death. Un ending blank void or an afterlife. And this creates hope, discipline among the chaos, like a believer before participating in crime would think twice about destroying his chance at getting through the doors and into the kingdom of heaven. And similar thoughts keep us from doing drastic things too.

But, what if it's all a massive lie? What if there's nothing after death? Then what would be our purpose? Our legacy?

As a criminology major, not to brag or anything, but I’ve learned to take nothing at its face value. While investigating a crime scene, you have to judge every variable for the exact value it holds. If you can successfully do that, not only in the investigations but if you can adapt to doing this in every aspect of life, you'll always come to the efficient and precise decisions, always.

Similarly, life too is something to always appreciate and hold dear to. That is the Theory of life.

It doesn’t matter if you are a believer in a non-believer, death comes to everyone all the same. So what if there isn’t an afterlife, there is still a life to be lived. It is up to you how you live it. Like a king, a celebrity, a god-fearing man, or a terrorist. What you leave behind is what you earn and achieve. Your purpose is what you make of yourself.

In these 2 and half-decade of my life that has passed by, I’ve seen so many death that at times I can’t even remember some of them. This has taught me one thing that in the end, nobody cares. So why not live life to its fullest. What you have to do only is try, the rest will be easy.

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Well said there, bro.
and nice photographs.

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Thanks brother..


My pleasure.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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