Your Daily TV Show Guide: PENNY DREADFUL.

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!!Completely Spoiler Free!!


When we all are waiting with all the time in the world for the ongoing pandemic to blow ever, it might be a great opportunity to watch or re-watch the shows of quality. Shows that have a great story but failed to draw your attention.

Among those underrated shows, one is Penny Dreadful.

What is this show about?

Imagine a 19th century London, where the streets just started getting decorated with yellow tungsten lamps, where horse carriages are still the most used method of transportation. But, the city is still not lit enough to rid its street of the monsters and beasts we like.

Penny dreadful is a British American Horror show about all your favorite monsters, beast, vampires and weird characters that you liked to read about when you were a child. Like the original Bram Stoker's Dracula, Dorian Gray, Van Helsing, Frankenstein's monster, and some other infamous characters like Dr. Jekyll and even the American trademarked monster, The Wolfman put together on the same screen.

This was inspired by the Penny Dreadful fiction short stories or cartoons that could be bought for a penny in the 1800s. And it was created by two of my most favorite individuals in the show biz, John Logan and Sam Mendez, known for many of their great works including James bond movies Skyfall, Spectre and 1917.

Now to talk about its cast, most of the actors you'll see in this are either indie or popular ones from big screens.

Like the character Malcolm Murray, the rich adventurer who likes to travel Africa in his endeavor to hunt Big Cats is played by Timothy Dalton. That Timothy Dalton who is most known for his James Bond movies “The Living Daylights” and “license to kill

Eva Green, another James Bond actress has played the character of Vanessa Ives. Who the Dracula, the lord Prince of Darkness himself is looking for to mate, as he is provisioned to be the Amon Ra and Vanessa To be Amunet, both ancient Egyptian GOD’s never to be named together. If he is successful in his endeavor to take her as his bride,they will bring about the end of mankind and the coming of the beast (Like so many times this is mentioned in the show its irritating.)


Screenshot 16.png

Screenshot 14.png

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Screenshot 12.png

Showtime has done a wonderful job creating this violence and sex-filled memory trip bathed in horror. The BGM, set design and even the jump scares do not follow traditional horror infliction methods. It's visually very much appealing.

It’s a worthwhile investment in pleasing your entertainment needs. The show abruptly ends in season three but the creators have mentioned the reason to be the story material to be dragged on if produced more episodes. But the ending was fitting and grand TBH.

Be mentally prepared as the amount of goriness is through the roof.

I could’ve given you a more elaborate and descriptive and elaborate walkthrough but in an attempt to keep it pure and spoiler-free, I have to stop writing. Or I’m sure to mistakenly drop some, so that'll have to suffice.

All the IMAGES above is either Credited or belongs to Showtime.

If you would like to see more such guides from me, please leave a comment below. I love to read comments as I don’t get many. sigh!😏

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