One more Steem hard fork-airdrop is coming at the 4th of July which will create a new chain named blurt!!


Hello my friends I just discovered some fascinating news on twitter. On 4th of july, a new steem hard fork will occur and it will airdrop a new token to all steem holders. The sum of the tokens that will be airdropped will be calculated based on the last block before the latest steem hard fork which seized 23,6 million steem from selected accounts in 20th of May.


The name of the new chain will be blurt. It will have a regent account with a controlling stake or special weight vote and it will vote on consensus Blurt Producers and DAO proposals. This regent account will not impact the reward pool, the circulating supply and the new inflation(organic supply).
It will be programmed to ceased after 2 years and before the deprecation of the account, an update of the blockchain will be occurred in order to secure consensus protocols, such as One-Stake-One-Vote, to reduce the risk of centralized consensus attacks from large stake accounts.


Blurt blockchain won't have a stable coin. SBD balances will be converted to their BLURT equivalent with the value they had before the last hard fork of steem. It also will disable the downvotes function.

The apr inflation will be 10% and it will be decreasing slowly to 1% over 20 years. 65% of the inflation will go to authors and curators, 15% percent to stake holders, 10% to the block producers and 10% to the proposals.

You can check how many coins you will get here. Download the zip file which inside has an excel file which contains the list of the account that are eligible to the airdrop. Find your account name and divide by 1000 the number which is beside and you will see how many coins you will get. If you see two numbers the first one is the liquid blurt and the second is the steem power.

I don't know if blurt will make the difference because at hive I feel like I am at steemit before Justin Sun. It may was decentralized but big stakeholders which are the minority on the platform think that they are the bosses here and they censor our posts with blacklists and downvotes. They blacklist a poor user for spamming and actually they are the real spammers by using bots to comment on users posts with the same messages. Some of the witnesses, are the people who were selling votes at steemit and now they are like benefactors because they have a blacklist. Some days ago a witness made another blacklist for the users that still post at Steemit and threaten these users with downvotes. Fortunately he was clever enough to admit his mistake very quickly, and he apologized to the community. With this behaviors hive will end up like Steemit and I am very happy that hive will have a new competitor. At least blurt disabled the downvotes and big boys can't be bullies there.

Thanks for reading see you at my next post!!

Refferences:gitlab, blurt twitter

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All the support to blurt if they follow one account one vote for witness policy and remove downvote option


I totally agree with you! The history will show what is going to happen. We never expected the facts with steemit and hive is not as decentralized as they say. Maybe blurt will make the big difference.

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Well I can wait for this one, at least it is coming without all the drama Hive came with, who knows I might actually put some effort on Blurt. Even though I must say I don't like that name.


I will wait too. I feel very optimistic about this one. The fact that they will disable the downvotes and the one-vote-one-stake feature make me think very positive about this new chain of steem.
I am not a native english speaker and I cant really understand that does it mean but I prefer it from Hive which is very common and difficult to emerge first on google search if you dont put the world blog .