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First Things First

Big thank you to Smokenetwork for giving me this opportunity to create a Intro & Outro video for their product review which will be on youtube! Definitely am excited for this project as they will be reviewing some really awesome products by

A little bit about

They're a cannabis social media community who believes in the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Their facebook page has over 500,000 followers and counting! Promoting videos & news articles about marijuana and it's latest gadgets. And definitely, connecting the cannabis community.

Really exciting things are coming as they're coming up with a lot of cool gadgets to make your marijuana experience an awesome one. Official Intro

Software used : After Effects
Duration : 1 week

The Idea

The Idea behind this video is to give a small snippet of what this whole video will be about which is product review & cannabis. There are tiny elements in the intro video which shoutout marijuana. Like the little weed icons, weed icon background. See if you can spot them :) Official Outro

Software used : After Effects
Duration : 1 week

The Idea

Decided to create a simple outro so viewers can pay more attention to the links/call to action at the end. I won't want to create an intense outro which won't befitting when the video is already ending.

Overall, I hope that you all love the videos and the thought process behind everything I design.

Thank You

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creative indeed!

Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.




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