The diary game By@adreesjan (Lahore's Balochi Saji is very popular and very tasty. It is loved internationally)

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My dear friends, we also have a food in Lahore that people eat with great relish and it is very tasty. Today I will tell you about it and show it. First of all, I will tell you its name. Balochi Saji This is the famous Saji of Lahore. People from far and wide come here to eat. I will also tell you and show you the method of making them. Some of my friends told me that our heart is doing today. Yes, and all of us friends arrived at the Balochi Saji shop and I began to look carefully at how they prepare
As you can see in the picture, put the chickens in the skewers and lighten them over the coals
The fire is going on and slowly the water of the chicken is happy and it is made from the heat of the coals and the rice they have already made is very helpful. I would not have added anything at all. There is a simple biryani. Most of the spices are not added to the biryani. You can say that plain rice is cooked. The meat that is made on the coals of K is eaten broken with rice. It looks very delicious. Friends who come to Lahore must eat this Balochi saji


Whenever some of us friends get together, the plan is to have some party. All the friends meet and eat delicious food and the food bill is what we all share with each other. We do not become a burden on anyone and we do well
People who come to Lahore from all over the world do not go without food. The food here is famous all over the world and all kinds of spicy food is available in Lahore on which many documentaries have just been made in our Lahore Gaddafi Stadium. Whenever there are international matches, Lahore food is also shown during the match and those who are commentators are eating. My today's post was about Balochi Saji and different food of Lahore. I hope you like it. Will come

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You explained to me in a very good way. I thank you