SteemFoods Cooking Contest #1 - Total 200 Steem Awards!

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Hello to everyone :

Today I am promoting the SteemFoods- Community's first weekly competition. This is the second food contest I organized, recently I asked you to promote a meal you prepared at home with the hashtag #weeklyfoodcontest. The interest in the competition I organized with the WeeklyFoodContest label made me very happy and we learned great recipes. The competition is still ongoing, you can click the link below for details.

What is the 200 Steem Prize Food Competition?

This week, I want you to publish how the practical and delicious meal you prepare at home is made.

This contest is sponsored by @steemitblog and @steemcurator01. Thank you very much for their support.

SteemFoods Cooking Contest #.png

How Do I Participate in the Award-Winning Practical Cooking Competition?

From time to time, we all prepare delicious but practical meals at home. The subject of this competition is '' The Most Delicious Practical Foods ''
Share the most practical and delicious meal you prepare at home with the #practicalfood tag and participate in the contest.

For example :

  • I prepared a delicious omelet at home using eggplant + green pepper + grated cheese.

  • I prepared a delicious toast using grated potatoes. (Without using bread)

What are the Contest Rules?

  • Share original and quality content.

  • Join the SteemFoods- Community and share your post in the SteemFoods- Community. :)

  • Use the hashtag #practicalfood and #steemfoodscontest.

  • There is no language limit, you can post using the language you want.

  • The competition does not have many rules, introduce us to a practical meal you prepare at home. Don't forget to use the above two tags in your post.

Some Tips for the Competition:

  • Be creative and original. Introduce a practical and delicious meal.

  • Indicate the preparation stages of the meal you prepared and the materials you used.

  • Make sure that your photo quality is high ..

  • Awards :

  • Each participant who follows the rules and shares quality post will be given 5 Steems.

  • 1.Winner: 15 Steem + 5 Steem

  • 2.Winner: 10 Steem + 5 Steem

  • 3.Winner: 5 Steem + 5 Steem

reward_ 20 STEEM.png

reward_ 20 STEEM (2).png

Total Prize Amount: 200 Steem

Duration of the Competition and Award Distribution:

The duration of the competition is 1 week. You must attend until 28.09.2020. The awards will be distributed until 01.10.2020 at the latest.

steemFoods Community !.png

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Saludos nuevamente @alikoc07 por aqui te dejo como te prometi mi entrada a este nuevo concurso SteemFoods Cooking Contest #1 para mi es un placer participar y ser miembro de tan productiva comunidad SteemFoods a continuacion te dejo mi entrada al concurso:

SteemFoods Cooking Contest #1: Los alimentos prácticos, más deliciosos, Perico Venezolano.

espero les guste mi publicacion y disfruten de la receta, Me despido y les dejo un HASTA LUEGO Y SE ME CUIDAN🖐



Hi @juliosnz, congrats you have completed your entry for this contest, I am currently doing my entry, will send soon, have a nice day! cheers, ainie


Hello friend I had not had time to answer you, I just saw your sandwiches, I wish you good luck, we are going to continue seeing each other here. Greetings 😉


No worries my friend @juliosnz, yes we are going to regularly meet each other here. I am so pleased to meet you and have a nice day, cheers, ainie

You've prepared great meals with the #weeklyfoodcontest hashtag. I look forward to your participation in the new 200 Steem Award competition and SteemFoods, Steemit's Offical Food and Cooking Community. We are stronger together. ! :) Now I would love to see your posts with the new #praticalfood hashtag. :)

@sacra97 @bright-obias, @sharifanamin @lugina @carolinacardoza @rosanita @naylet, @gabrielagg @bakarakyat @stream4u @nadimmahmud @juliosnz @madushanka @rasel72 @daniell1

hemen bir fikir ednip paylaşacağım teşekkürler :) ve bu hastag leri başlık kısmında paylaşmıyoruz değil mi


Hashtag'leri New-Post kısmına tıkladıktan sonra en alt kısımda göreceksiniz. Bir tag girdikten sonra boşluk bırakıp diğer tagı girebilirsiniz. SteemFoods Topluluğuna katılmayı unutmayın. :)



katıldım 👍

Un nuevo concurso, ¡que bueno! En espera de resultados del anterior... ÉXITOS INFINITOS EN ESTE NUEVO PROYECTO.

Great! I already participated last week and love to participate again❤️😍👌

Muy interesante este concurso,y mas que me gusta cocinar,pronto dejo mi entrada gracias por la invitación amigo, tengo una duda cuantas fotos debe contener el concurso??


Te recomiendo que agregues al menos 4 fotos para que la comida que prepares luzca interesante y podamos entender mejor el proceso de preparación. Pero no hay límite de fotos, creo que cuantas más fotos mejor. No olvides compartir tu publicación en la Comunidad de SteemFoods. :) Espero su participación en la comunidad. :)

Que bueno @alikoc me encanta la cocina, vamos a ver que se me ocurre. Saludos

Interesante, muy pronto mi entrada...

Hello friend, how are you greetings, I managed to translate this publication into Spanish, and I shared it on my blog, but paying close attention to the rules of the convurso I think you need to place among them the link of the publication that is competing, below the informative public of the Contest, it is only a suggestion, I think it would be easier when reviewing the contestant publications .. I really like this contest tomorrow I will do mine .. while I will publish them and announce your Food Contest !!! greetings friend @alikoc07 desde #venezuela

Please explain

You must attend until 28.09.2020.

Is the competition one entry?


Yes, the contest is the only entry. But there is no limit to the publications you will prepare with the concept of Food and cooking in this Community.


OK, will drop my entry soon

Wow! I am happy to be a part of this contest😍


I look forward to the creative, practical and most delicious meal you will prepare. :)


Can I represent my previous recipes which I already posted on steemit and took pictures while cooking?


I do not recommend sharing a meal you have prepared before and shared on steemit. Your post is already registered on the stemit-blockchain. I expect you to participate with a different meal that you have not shared before. :)


Okay , Thank you for the information my dear friend 😊👍

Hello everyone accept greetings from my end. This is the link to my second entry for the food contest

Hola amigo aqui te dejo mi entrada lo hice hace días pero olvide dejarte el enlace, menos mal me di cuenta a tiempo..!!