Celebrating My Niece's Birthday 🎂 was a Lot Of FUN 🍰 🥪 🍹 & My Surprise Dish was a Real Surprise for Everyone!🧁

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Yesterday, it was an occasion to celebrate…it was my niece’s birthday, she just turned 23 and we were in for a surprise party for her.

One person, who was most excited, was my daughter. Actively participating in all the preparations...what to do, how to do and this and that...OMG...what not !!! To the point where I had to advise her to prioritize all the important activities and then act on them...kids do really get super excited on all such occasions !


Birthdays and Birthday parties and moreover surprise parties usually can go either way...it can be all fun and or just a lot of mess, if not organized, properly.
So our first target was to invite only few and have maximum fun.

Then comes the list of items on the platter...we were quite sure of the snacks....grilled sandwiches and french fries some drinks...above all the most important "The Birthday Cake" !!! and then you have the candles, knife, balloons...etc...etc...you definitely can go on and on and on...

The Birthday Cake was Black Forest Cake and thats what my niece loves to relish.
We added some twist, upon the recommendations of my daughter..she decorated some m & m gems and those lovely looking edible golden balls that had added a lot of crunch to the cake.








Now, it was my turn to be absolutely creative and make a new innovative dish for all of them...so that kids loved it and enjoyed relishing it and it gotta be pretty different and creative!




So, i decided to cut the chocolate cake ( that we had earlier baked at home!) into small rectangles, paste on the top of it a chocolate Oreo biscuit, decorate with cereals, Gems and sprinkles and garnish it with edible golden balls !!! LOL Yeah ! It was indeed pretty challenging to put them all together ! & melted chocolate helped in getting all of them together and make it look what it actually looks in the photographs !



One thing is for sure...they were definitely super yummylicious ! & served super chilled ! Despite having the cake and the snacks...everyone really really loved my surprise dish !


There was surprise gift waiting for my darling princess too...her cousin got her a box of Hide n Seek Choco Rolls and she really loves them and was delighted to see her gift !!!

Such small parties or surprise parties as usually a lot of fun...if properly planned and thats what we precisely did and had a great time together !

A Big Thankyou...for being here!!!




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