Good News and Bad News to my Steem Account, Specially to all Steemfoods-philippines i Supported.

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Hello, Holla, Bonjour, Salute

Today i wanted to share some bad news and of course we had a Good News.

Last month i rent to my friend @cjsdns a total of 4,000 steem to power up my account to support my fellow country steemit users. Instead of supporting my fellow country men i decided to delegate some of my rented steem power to @steemitfoods because i was amaze and witness how @alikoc07 run his community and support fellow steemians by curating good content at the #steemfoods Community by producing and sharing their good recipes and promoting their Favourite Restaurants all over the Globe.

Bad News

Suddenly @cjsdns. will withdrawn 4,000 steem i rented because he really needed to use it for some business, As a person who rented this amount of steem i can't do nothing but to follow the contract made by the person who allow me to borrow this huge amount of steem and time to time my account will be powering down.I pleased to him to pay the 4,000 steem weekly but he did not agreed he want to power down my account to get his 4,000 steem back as soon as possible.

Good News

No need to worry specialy to #steemfoods-philippines whom i supported because i will be powering up my account using my SBD rewards given by @steemcurator01 who had given me an endless support, but i will not power up for my self since i am a fan of @alikoc07 i will power up my account just to delegate @steemitfoods for an additional curation rewards to all the people who always made a contents and shared their recipe at #steemfoods community. As you can see i already power up today a total of (110) steem and delegated a total of (500) steem power to @steemitfoods. I encourage Philippines users to produced content on steemfoods @alikoc07 is working hard for all of us, if your post couldn't get an upvote doesn't mean it's not enough steemfoods founder trying to do his best to support all content as he can. Just be active and keep producing content on steemfoods and rewards will follow soon.

I encourage also all the Filipino specially to #steemfoods-philippines to delegate some of your steem power to @steemitfoods small steem power can help a lot if we unite as one the community will grow better let's build a strongest community here in #steemfoods.

Thank you as always to @alikoc07 who made a hard work and great job as our founder in #steemfoods community, An endless thanks also to @steemcurator01 who always support me an upvote so i can power up my account with an sbd rewards that he supported to me.🙏🙏

Have a wonderful day ahead and always be Blessed!

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More Blessings to come for you sir @bien.

Que bueno amiga que Que ayudes y motives a los usuarios de tu país👏


soy un steem dreamer y quiero ayudar a mi compañero steem dreamer como pueda ..

gracias amigo.