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Good day food lovers today we are gathering together with my wife Family every Sunday we had our lunch together after a long day spending time at Church. When arrived at home my Mother in Law already prepared a miki pancit cantoon for our lunch so i take over on grilling the fish for our lunch, Every food or recipe we prepare has always been a process here is how to process my Grilled Fish.




and small pieces of wood


First clean the fish, after cleaning cut a small slice to the body about three to four cuts.

After cleaning and preparing your fish, make a fire to a small pieces of wood to make a charcoal fire.

When you already made a charcoal put a screen then follow your fish and ready to grill.


Check your fish after 5-7 minutes if the fish turns to yellow brown turn up side down to grill the other side

Wait another 5-7 minutes to get your grilled fish totally cooked well!

Your grilled fish is now ready to served and enjoy your own grilled fish.

Try this at home with your friends and family, see you on my next food blog!

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Me gusta tu forma de cocinar el pescado, queda mejor como muestras en foto. Saludos

Your post is very interesting and informative We enjoyed your post.


Thanks friend..glad you like my simple grilled fish.


You sir, this post of yours was simple but very good.

Que bueno amigo el pescado es una maravilla con tan solo sal. Exito!

Hello friend, greetings fish and doing it with firewood is the best success @bien


I don't understand what you saying brother.

But thank you for having time reading my post

excelente receta amigo

Good job sir @bien 😊😊😊

Simple but great recipe)))

la delicia que Dios nos regalo. saludos desde vnezuela

Lamia ana sir. Samot nag naay sauce nga with kalamansi. Hmmmm.. yumyumyum...

Se ve buenísimo ese platillo, amigo!