Oak benefits.

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Oak is one of the most famous types of wood trees, and the oak fruits are characterized by many different health benefits due to their nutritional values, and it is considered one of the nuts spread in many countries of the world. There are also more than 400 varieties of oak, this type of tree is spread in temperate regions and tropical regions with high temperatures, and there are many types of trees called oak, but they do not belong to this type of oak. Oak has an economic value in the Mediterranean region, as it is used to produce some types of inks and dyes, and has been used in many therapeutic and nutritional uses since ancient times and until now, and it is available in the form of fruits, powder or food supplements. Oaks are fruits that have an upper covering, which is attached to the tree. It takes approximately 8-20 months to fully mature, after which it begins to fall automatically from the trees.

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