✨Authentic Belgium Waffle, yummy! 😋

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Hi @SteemFoods !

Im a newbie here on Steemit and I would like to share a photo I took when I travelled to Brussels Belgium. This is a very delicious authentic waffle of Belgium and it tastes so delightfully very unique! Its nothing like what i usually eat in Asia. This one is sumptuous, the waffle itself is crunchy on bite. I can still remember how it taste! LOL 👍
Waffle price starts at only 1 dollar and you can choose a variety of toppings to choose from fruits, chocolates, nuts, whipcream, icecream, etc. and syrup to add. I reckon I had different type of waffles everyday when I visited Belgium for a few days.


I hope to get the Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day.
How can i join & enter a contest? Does this post consider?

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Hello and welcome to the steemfoods community. We are so happy to see you here, and if you like food and cooking things, you are on track. It is home to food and cooking lovers. The kitchen is all ours. So please create any of your favorite recipes and share them with us here. FYI; we have announced the 7th contest, and its theme is: Promote your favorite cake shop and post it in the SteemFoods community, win the prize of tremendous upvote from steemcurator02. To check the rule of the contest please visit the post of @steemitfoods here : https://steemit.com/hive-148497/@steemitfoods/steemfoods-contest-7-or-promote-your-favorite-cake-shop-or-biggest-awards-ever

Your post is resteemed for later upvote, thank you and best regards


Thanks @el-nailul for this information, very much appreciated. Yes, i just posted and join this "favorite cake shop" contest. I'm a newbie here and yet to have followers but I hope to get more upvotes to win and be noticed at least ☺️



Hello @iamhaslemere, If you are really new to the platform you are most welcome to use the #introducemyself tag and the greeter team will guide you through the platform, and you will get 500 delegation SP after you finish some basic tasks. Please visit @steemingblog and see the post from @cryptokannon. And one more thing that you need to put as your tag is your country name.

cc: @radjasalman, @crytokannon

Best Regards


Ok great! i'll do that! thanks again :)