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Hello my Steemfoods Family!

How are you? I hope you are fine. Today I will be sharing with you what I ate all day. Writing food diaries is fun. I am particularly interested in food photography. It is an opportunity for me, frankly, it is a great chance to be doing what I love and making money!


Breakfast is the most important meal for me! I wake up happy just to have breakfast in the morning. Breakfast hours are the times I enjoy the most and are the happiest. If there is pancakes for breakfast, I will fly with happiness that day! 🙆‍♀️🥞Today we wanted to have breakfast in a nice place. This is a very stylish restaurant. Also, everything is delicious! Our preference was for the mixed breakfast. Of course I also ordered extra pancakes.The venue is located in the Fişekhane event area in Istanbul / Zeytinburnu. Pretty stylish on the beach! I will be sharing location information for those who want to visit!




We paid a total of 250 TL for breakfast. (Approx. 4 SBD)


After a very enjoyable long breakfast, we left the restaurant full. I ate so much that I thought I wouldn't eat anything all day. We even went to another place after the restaurant, I couldn't even drink coffee there. I could only drink it with soda!



Even though I said I wouldn't eat anything all day after breakfast, my sister came as a guest in the evening. I had to prepare some food for them. I had a little snack to accompany them. The food I prepared for the evening menu;


✔️Chicken with Soy Sauce
✔️Bean salad
✔️Eggplant salad
✔️Spinach with egg

It was a very satisfying and delicious menu. I cut ties with the kitchen for today. I don't even want to drink water!

I hope you enjoyed my diary and you enjoyed reading it. I wish you delicious days. 👩‍🍳



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Club5050 nedir?


Merhaba, steemit Ekibinin başlatmış olduğu kampanya. Kazandığınız paranın yarısını güce yatırıp yarısını çekerseniz bu etiketi kullanıyorsunuz. Hepsini güce çevirirseniz #club100 etiketi kullanıyorsunuz. Ama #club5050 kurallarına mutlaka uymanız gerekiyor destek alabilmek için


Kuralların yazdığı ve detaylı anlatılan bir post var mı?


Steemfoods topluluğuna girersen orda tüm detaylar açıklamalı şekilde yazıyor. Ama yine bir sorunun vs danışmak istediğin bişey olursa bende yardımcı olurum yönetici @alikoc07 onunla da iletişime geçebilirsin. 🤗

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