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Hello :

We provide voting support for quality and steem-exclusive posts in the SteemFoods Community. By reviewing the SteemFoods Community Guidelines below, you can improve your content in the SteemFoods Community and earn good voting support. I'm sure you will be successful by reviewing the post below and sharing content over time :)

Note: I recommend that you add a selfie photo with the food you prepare in your recipe posts. I want to know all our participants.

I see that you have just started Steemit, you can learn more about steemit and improve yourself by joining the Community below.

cc : @ngoenyi


Thank you sir for the notification. I will do the needful

Hello @osomosemauz, thank you for sharing your food in the steemifoods community. I like the food you have prepared. It must really be delicious.

I am the African steemifoods community MOD And I will like to invite you to join our telegram group page where you can interact with your fellow africans and get more training on how to make an acceptable steemfoods post. Here is the link. Please join us and mention your username ones you do. I will be glad to welcome you.