Homemade Hyderabadi style masala chicken ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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Hello my dear friends,

Good morning everyone.

I hope you are doing good this morning. Guys BTC price is increased a lot and I am happy for this. I wish steem do the same. Guys I had made masala chicken in Hyderabadi style for the last night dinner. I watched a youtube video and made this one. This was delicious, have your ever had masala chicken like this? Try hyderabadi masala chicken you will love it.

If you want to make "Hyderabadi style masala chicken" at your home. You can easily make it. You can search on google for its recipes. Guys, there are already many recipes and all recipes are the same to same that is why I am not posting the recipe here.




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spicy masla chicken, yeah haiderabadi massla chicken is very much famous, i saw many youtube video of this recipe , so i came to know they use special ingredient and spicy masla for cooking it to increase its taste thank for sharing this recipe