SteemFoods Community Charity Fund Account Opened | What is Sf-charity ? About Our Goals and Roadmap

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Hello Everyone:

Today I will give you information about the @sf-charity account, which I promoted 22 days ago in SteemFoods Community. The SF-Charity account is the Official SteemFoods Community Charity Fund account. I will try to support you by distributing supplies to our users in the SteemFoods Community with sf-charity account. Since the SteemFoods Community is a food and cooking platform, I am aware that the content you prepare has a cost, we do not have the chance to vote for all posts in the SteemFoods Community, but I try to support you in the best way with the competitions I organize from my personal account and the competitions I organize from the -steemitfoods account. Using this account, I will organize events in both the steemit and the SteemFoods Community. Now I will give you some information about SF-Charity goals and roadmap.

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What Are The Purposes Of SF-Charity?

To distribute supplies by reaching our users in the SteemFoods Community and in general who need supplies on steemit. In addition, upon the requests from our users in the SteemFoods Community, I learned that many of our creators need electronics to cook food. Especially in the African Region, I learned that many users in the African Region do not have microwaves and ovens. I will organize events using this account in line with your requests and to meet your needs a little. In this way, we will contribute to the family economies of our users in the SteemFoods Community.

SF-Charity's Roadmap:

Right now this promotional post is my first post on SF-Charity account. To start with, I recently announced that we will distribute supplies to three families from Venezuela in the SteemFoods Community. First of all, I will distribute supplies to three families from each region with the support of our country moderators. Then I will determine what we can do according to the development process of the sf-charity account. First, deliver supplies to three families from Venezuela. Since the content prepared has a cost, I think of distributing food to our users who produce active and continuous content. Our moderators will deliver supplies to people in (near) their city, but I know that not all users live near the moderators. For this reason, I will send SBD to our users' wallets for food assistance and share the reports that they have provided us with the photos of their shopping with this SBD on this account, so that everyone can see what we are doing and convey the information that we are transparent. I can organize an electronics contest in the SteemFoods Community in the future, and it will be pleasing to have an electronic item in the home of a user who needs it and produces good content for the contest.

The First Food Donation Event I Launched in the SteemFoods Community

You can have detailed information about the first Food Donation I started in SteemFoods Community by clicking the link below.

Food Donation Starts From Venezuela For Three Families | SteemFoods Food Donation #1


Previous Announcement on SF Charity

SteemFoods Community Charity Account Established | Why was @sf-charity account Established? | 🆕


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Excelente me encanta esta iniciativa, trataré de colocar esta cuenta como beneficiario en mis publicaciones de SteemFoods.

Que bella esta labor que están realizando, Dios les multiplique sus buenas acciones.

Muy buena la idea. Excelente

Saludos muy buena estrategia la que implementaran para tener más alcance en el territorio Venezolano.

Que buena iniciativa de verdad aparte de los suministros para poder preparar los platos tambien lo que es productos electrónicos para la cocina felicitaciones