SteemFoods Contest -10-| Promoting My Favorite Fast-Foods Restaurant Name "Mithai"

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Greeting steemit friends, Here I'm representing my favorite fast-food restaurant name "Mithai" it has several branches here in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I'm from Mirpur city, Dhaka, Bangladesh and here I'm presenting the best fast-food restaurant "Mithai" Its a Bengali name of the shop which means "sweet" here most of the fast foods are sweets such as cake, pastry, chocolates, candies and so on. Beside these sweets they also have burger, chicken fry, biriyani rice and so many spicy menus I'm going to share step by step via images.
Before starting sharing my complete blog I would love to invite you all to participate in the contest I'm participating, You can find all rules and requirements of this contest right here : SteemFoods Contest -10-| Promote Your Favorite Fast-Foods Restaurant ! | Biggest Awards Ever! By @steemitfoods
My first image is my selfie (wearing veil or mask) in front of the shop Mithai and the shop logo you can find behind my back.



Image: The Front Side Of Fast-Foods Restaurant Name "Mithai"


Image: Sales Persons Of The Restaurant

Why I Like "Mithai" Most Than The Other Restaurants: Sales person here very much conscious about hygiene and they wear mask and hand gloves all the time they stay here. They served the best and their behavior is really very good to customers. Taste of the foods they serve really very good by quality and taste. I invite you all my readers to taste the sweets and other foods of this shop. It deserves to get orders and taste. The shop is near to my residence so I can come here anytime I want and I also can bring my friends here for get together. The restaurant is a short place and they are just thinking about to enlarge the space for more customers.
Let me share the menus they mostly served in my next photographs


Image: "Mithai" served my most favorite chicken biriyani


Image: Burgers here taste yummy and price is also reasonable, Buy one get one free offer also available


Image: Chicken loaf with price code, 80tk(BDT) Per Piece


Image: This is call "motichur laddoo" one kind of traditional local sweet (packed)


Image: This is special motichur laddoo (orange color) with price code 350tk(BDT) Per kilogram


Image: "Mithai" serve special sweet


Image: "Mithai" serve my most favorite dark chocolate cake or black forest cake, very delicious, 1600tk (BDT Price) Per Kg.


Image: My most favorite dark chocolate cake


Image: My another most favorite dark chocolate cake


Image: More sweets inside the showcase of the restaurant


Image: Inside view of the restaurant with the logo


Image: She wore hand gloves and mask when processing food


Image: "Mithai" give receipt when customers purchase foods from them


Image: "Mithai" logo which is a text logo in bengali language

Thanks for reading my blog this far, so this was my story with my nearest fast food restaurant "Mithai". I loved this place very much as they serve me clean and hygienic foods and ensure my safety, if you ever travel Mirpur,Dhaka, Bangladesh or any area of Dhaka, you are cordially invited to taste the sweets or other fast foods from this restaurant which call "Mithai" it has many branches inside Dhaka as far I know.


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@alikoc07 thank you so much for your kind selection, would love to share more food photography by me :)

Many of the dishes you show us I have not had the opportunity to eat, they look really delicious and the desserts look really delicious.

You can see why this is your favorite fast food restaurant.

Thanks for sharing!


Greetings dear @eugelys thank you so much for your appreciation, I'm sure if you’ll taste these you’ll love them too as the taste of these foods such heaven. Stay blessed 💕💖💞❤️