87.6K+ SP Reached | Total 114 Delegators | Step by Step To 100 K SP 💪


Hello Everyone:

I will make a happy announcement to you today. 3 days ago, I announced on -steemitfoods account that we have reached 5 thousand + subscribers in SteemFoods Community. Today, I will share with you the SP amount of the -steemitfoods account reached 87.6 +K with our users who supported us by delegating and detailed statistics with the delegations. Before sharing statistics, I would like to thank our 114 users who supported us by delegating to -steemitfoods account.

87.6 K SP Reached (1).png

Delegation Rewards Increased by 56.8% | Award Distribution Started with Upgraded Awards |

As you know, I distribute monthly Steem + TRX awards according to the amount of delegation made to the steemitfoods account. 11 days ago, I said that I increased the monthly reward amount I distributed according to the amount of delegation by 56.8%. I have said that the distribution of increased delegation awards will start on 01.04.2021. I started to distribute the rewards of our users who have completed the 30-day delegation period according to our new reward amount. All our delegating users should check their wallets on a monthly basis.



  • If your delegation reward has not been transferred to your wallet, you can send a message on discord or under this post. I quickly check your delegation and transfer your reward to your wallet. (I check the delegations every day)

87.6K SP achieved | 114 Delegators |

I have been working for a long time that one of the most important things to improve the SteemFoods Community is to support it through delegation. - I distribute the "PartnerShip Badge" + Monthly Steem + TRX awards according to the amount of delegation made to the steemitfoods account. We have more than 5,000+ subscribers in the SteemFoods Community, and currently a total of 68316.31 SP delegations from our 114 users. Our goal is to reach 100K SP as soon as possible.

  • We are 16th on Steem Blockchain according to Number Of Delegators Statistics and this is a pleasure for us. As I said above, our 114 users in total have delegated and supported the SteemFoods Community. Our goal is to reach at least 200 delegates and in this way support more content in the SteemFoods Community, to increase the amount of voting support we give with the Steemitfoods account, thus helping our users who share quality + steem-exclusive food and cooking content on the steemit platform.

87.6 SP Reached.png

Top 5 Users Who Delegated to the Steemitfoods Account

1-) @shellyduncan : 11,001.779 SP Diamond Partner 💎

2-) @el-nailul : 3,345.607 SP Diamond Partner 💎

3-) @radjasalman : 2,611.442 SP Diamond Partner 💎

4-) @zoltarian : 2,502.620 SP Diamond Partner 💎

5-) @carolinacardoza : 2,411.188 SP Diamond Partner 💎


Previous Announcements with the Delegation: You can easily learn about how to delegate, the monthly Steem + TRX award distribution according to the amount of delegation and Partnership Badges by reviewing the posts below.


Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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Congratulations Steemit food club !!! Its time to celebrate now 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Wishing this community all the good lucks

Probably the fastest growing community on steemit,

Felicitaiones por ese gran trabajo que vienen haciendo en la comunidad, que gratificante ver hasta donde a llegado y es bastante gratificante sentirnos parte de todo esto bueno que esta pasando en la comunidad. Que sigan los éxitos para nuestra comunidad.

Congratulations guys...

Congratulations to SteemFoods for reaching 5 thousand + subscribers. Amazing.
Also congratulations to all rewarded deligates who have helped delegate SP to SteemFoods.
If I have a lot of SP, I want to also delegate SP to SteemFoods, but now SP is still small, only enough for my own trip. He he he.
Always success and congratulations to all, Hope this day will be the best day for all of us.

Congrats Steemitfoods....definitely a growing community.

Semoga segera mencapai target dalam waktu dekat ini...