91.4K + SP Reached | 124 Delegator | Last 8.6K SP for 100K | Keep Getting Stronger

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Hello Everyone:

As of today, the total SP amount of the -steemitfoods account, which is the official account of SteemFoods Community, has reached 91.4K + with your support. Since I started the SteemFoods Community, my first goal was to reach 100K + SP. Right now we only need a little more than 8.5K + delegations to reach this goal. I invite all users of the SteemFoods Community to support us by delegating. I will be hosting a great event for delegations soon. I will provide information about the delegation to our users who are new to the SteemFoods Community and questions about why I should delegate.

Why Should I Delegate to the steemitfoods account?

  • By using -steemitfoods account, I vote for quality + steem-exclusive posts in the SteemFoods Community. Based on our current voting power, I am voting for 21 different content worth about $ 50 + per day. I want to support more content with higher voting support by increasing our voting power.

  • I distribute monthly Steem + TRX awards according to the amount of delegation you make to the steemitfoods account. I will share the table below about how much Steem + TRX you will earn according to the amount of delegation you make.

  • I distribute PartnerShip Badges to SteemFoods Community according to the amount of delegation you have made to the steemitfoods account.

Badge Distribution According to Delegation Amount

  • From 50 SP to 100 SP : Bronze SteemitFoods Partner
  • From 100 SP to 250 SP : Silver SteemitFoods Partner
  • From 500 SP to 1000 SP : Gold SteemitFoods Partner
  • 1000 SP+ : Diamond SteemitFoods Partner

New Delegation Awards Table: STEEM + TRX

15 days ago, I prepared an announcement about the increase in the delegation awards made to the -steemitfoods account. In this announcement I made a mistake regarding the amount of delegation awards. I fixed this error. I rearranged the delegation rewards table for all our users to see and shared it below.

SP Delegation AmountWeekly Reward SteemMonthly Steem Award + TRX Award
50 SP0.1125 STEEM + 0.1125 TRX0.45 STEEM + 0.45 TRX
100 SP0.225 STEEM + 0.225 TRX0.9 STEEM + 0.9 TRX
250 SP0.5625 STEEM + 0.5625 TRX2.25 STEEM + 2.25 TRX
500 SP1.125 STEEM + 1.125 TRX4.5 STEEM + 4.5 TRX
1000 SP2.25 STEEM + 2.25 TRX9 STEEM + 9 TRX
2500 SP5.625 STEEM + 5.625 TRX22.5 STEEM + 22.5 TRX
5000 SP11.25 STEEM + 11.25 TRX45 STEEM + 45 TRX
  • I distribute the delegation awards monthly. Delegation rewards may vary according to SBD and Steem price. Don't forget to check your steem wallet 30 days after your delegation date. I check the delegations every day, if you have not received your delegation award, you can contact me by commenting below this post or on discord.

How are Delegation Rewards Calculated Monthly?

The monthly reward for the amount of delegation you will make may not be in the table above, so I will give you a formula that you can easily calculate.

Monthly Delegation Calculation: Delegation Amount you will make X 0.009 = Your monthly Steem + TRX earnings.

As an example, let's calculate the amount of delegation a participant with 2000 SP delegates will earn per month:

2000X 0.009 = 18 STEEM + 18 TRX (Steem: TRX rewards are distributed at a ratio of 1: 1)

The Total Amount of Delegations Made to the Steemitfoods Account and The Number of Delegating Users

  • Total Amount of Delegations Made: 71993.90 SP

  • Number of Delegating Users 124

Partnership Badges Distributed According to the Amount of Delegations Made

We see that the number of users who delegated 1000 SP + to the -steemitfoods account is 14. Although the number of delegating users is 124, the number of users making 1000 SP delegations is quite low. As I said recently, I will start a delegation challenge. Our main goal is to increase the number of Diamond Partners in this competition. - I want to increase the number of content we vote for the day by increasing the SP amount of the steemitfoods account altogether.

  • Diamond Partner: 14

  • Gold Partner: 6

  • Silver Partner: 56

  • Bronze Partner : 48

07-04-2021-steemitfoods delegation.png

How can I Delegate to the Steemitfoods account?

If you do not know how to delegate to the -steemitfoods account, I will leave a link below for a post where I explain in detail how to delegate to the -steemitfoods account in 3 different ways for you. You can quickly learn how to delegate by reviewing this post.

How Can I Delegate to the -steemitfoods account? | Delegating with Three Different Methods



Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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How delegate? I am ready to delegate my sp @alikoc07

Topluluğumuzu büyütme ve büyütme çabalarınız için çok teşekkür ederim @alikoc07. Az önce 50 SP'yi yetkilendirdim, yakında daha fazla olacak !!!,


Memo: e3d8010f012ea28520e392279228aa23676d0317


Hello :

Thank you so much for supporting us by having 50 SP Delegations. You became the Bronze Partner of the SteemFoods Community by delegating 50 SP. Congratulations. I've added the Bronze Partner badge next to your name. :)


Thank very much @alikoc07!!! Yupiiiiiiii

Amigo @alikoc07 ya mi SP a aumentado puedo volver a delegar nuevamente a la comunidad independientemente que lo haya hecho con otro monto antes?

Friend @ alikoc07 and my SP has increased, can I once again delegate to the community regardless of whether I have done it with another amount before?


Hola :

Me alegra que desee aumentar la cantidad de su SP y hacer más delegaciones de SP a la cuenta -steemitfoods. Para cuántos SP desea delegar, ingrese ese monto de SP en la sección de monto de delegación. Veo que actualmente está delegando 100 SP, si desea que esta cantidad sea 150, ingrese 150 en la sección de cantidad de delegación. :) Si no puede, puede ponerse en contacto conmigo en discordia.


Jefe cual es tu etiqueta de usuario en Discord para comunicarme contigo.

Great news indeed seeing more and more foodies coming up together to support each other!

Ps. Looks like I am still a bronze partner...maybe you didn't update or missed me out!

Looking forward to delegate more 50sp by 50sp each time i reach that amount on my sp! Already 150sp delegated up to now.
Sharing is caring!

Hi , I just delegate 50SP for the community , have you found it ? Thanks much☺️