Set up Benefactor Reward for SF-Charity Account on Your Posts | #sfcharity50pc | To Reach More Families

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Hello Everyone:

Today, I will explain in detail how to set up the benefactor award on @sf-charity, the official charity fund account of the SteemFoods Community. First of all, I would like to give information about why we need the benefactor award for the sf-charity account and what we will do with the benefactor awards we have obtained. As of today, we have successfully completed Food Donation for 26 families + Medicine Donation for 6 families in the SteemFoods Community. By installing a benafactor award for the sf-charity account on your posts, you support us. This way I can organize more charity events in the SteemFoods Community. I want to reach more users and families who need help on the steem blockchain, with the Benafactor award + income from the sf-charity account. As an extra, I created a custom tag for the sf-charity account for the benefactor rewards you set up on your posts. I will try to give vote support by checking this tag regularly.

Users who have set a 50% Benefactor Award for SF-Charity will use the hashtag: #sfcharity50pc

  • Our users who do not have detailed information about their SF-Charity account can see our activities and reports by examining the @sf-charity profile in detail. You can also view the latest report of SF-Charity by clicking the link below.

How to Set 50% Benefactor Reward for SF-Charity Account?

1-) Click the "Advanced Settings" button at the bottom of your post.


2-) After clicking the Advanced Settings button, Who should receive any rewards? Click the "Add Account" button under the section.


3-) You should write ''50'' in the percentile and ''sf-charity'' next to the @ symbol.

4-) Finally click on the Save Button. You have successfully set a 50% benefactor reward to the sf-charity account in your post.

5-) Since you have set 50% benefactor for sf-charity account in your post, make sure to use the #sfcharity50pc tag.


Benefits of Setting a 50% Benafactor Reward to an SF-Charity Account

  • I will regularly check the posts of our users who have set a 50% benefactor reward to their SF-Charity account and will try to support their vote with their steemitfoods account. As an extra, maybe steemcurator01 can support by checking the #sfcharity50pc tagged posts when available. ( Not Guarantee )
  • I want to support our users on the steem blockchain by organizing more Charity events with the revenues we get from the Benafactor awards. For example, some of our users do not have a Covid-19 mask where they live. Drilling a water well for the African Region if we can afford it. In some parts of the African Region, water is scarce and people are struggling to find water.

  • An extra budget will be provided to support cities and countries affected by natural disasters from the sf-charity account, and support will be provided from the sf-charity account in case of need.

  • Not only for your posts in the SteemFoods Community, you can set up a benefactor reward for the sf-charity account on your posts in every Community where you produce content. (Don't forget to use the sfcharit50pc tag)

  • Set the benefactor reward setting to 50% for the SF-Charity account. In this way, it will be easier for us to create a budget.


Quick Delegation Links:

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1000 SP

2500 SP


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Es una excelente idea. Espero poder contribuir y que se alcance a más familias de mi país Venezuela.

Me uno a esta noble causa en mis próximas publicaciones! Saludos

Gran idea para apoyar. Saludos

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Excelente idea para continuar con la labor de ayudar a los más necesitado, cuenten con mi apoyo 💖

Hello maam, sorry I wasn't able to set my beneficiary maybe because I read your announcement late or I have posted my content before your announcement. Sorry

This is a great initiative

How do I get myself verified in this community