SteemFoods Twitter Contest -2-| Let's Tag Oreo - Comment and Like Our Answer | +15 Liquid Steem Reward---Expired---

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Hello Everyone:

Today, I will announce the second twitter contest that I will organize in the SteemFoods Community. As you know last week, many of our users easily participated in this contest by following the Official Twitter account of the SteemFoods Community, liking our last tweet, retweeting and commenting. It is also very easy to participate in our Twitter contest this week, in our previous post I said that we received a response from the Oreo Official Twitter account and I informed you. It's true that since Oreo is such a big brand worldwide, there have been a lot of sponsorship offers. But we have to show the strength of the SteemFoods Community, and an ad - sponsorship with them will be a great opportunity to promote the SteemFoods Community and steemit. You can easily participate in this contest by liking the last tweet I replied to Oreo from my steemitfoods account, commenting and tagging oreo in your comment. Below I will give detailed information on how to participate in the competition. I want all our Twitter users on Steemit to support us by participating in this contest. This will pave the way not only for the SteemFoods Community, but also for any Communities looking to get advertising & sponsorship for their Community in the future.

SteemFoods Twitter Contest -2-.png

About the Rules of the Contest and Participation:

Participating in the contest is very easy, like the tweet on the official twitter account of the SteemFoods Community. In response to Oreo's response, leave a quality comment and tag oreo. Finally, it will be enough to share the screenshot showing that you have made these two draws and your twitter username in the comment section of this post. ​

1-) Like The Tweet We Reply To Oreo Below ( You can easily go to our tweet by clicking the link below.)


Click the like button for our tweet above.

2-) Leave a comment on Oreo Official Twitter's response to us and tag @oreo in your comment. ( You can easily see the answer given by Oreo by clicking the link on the side -


  • Example Comment: The SteemFoods Community is proud to sponsor a future contest of Oreo, we love you and will do our best to promote Oreo. @oreo

  • Example Comment -2-: You can make an impressive comment by adding a photo of the recipe you prepared for the promotion of Oreo.

3-) Be sure to share a screenshot of your completion of the two rules above and your twitter username in the comments section of this post. @oreo

Prizes of the Contest:

I will distribute a total of 15 Liquid Steem Rewards for the competition. Prize distribution of the competition will be in the form of Prize Pool / Number of Participants. For example, if the number of participants in the competition is 30, I will send 0.5 STEEM for each 15/30 participant. Our goal with this competition is to promote the SteemFoods Community and steemit by winning a small sponsorship by showing the interaction and power of the SteemFoods Community of the Oreo Brand. I expect the participation and support of all our users.

Contest End Date

  • The duration of the competition is 1 week. The competition will end on 06.09.2021 at 23:59 TSI (Turkey Time).


Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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Hola amigos aquí mi participación, mi Twitter es @Saheleliher


Hola amigos por aquí mi participación.
Mi usuario es @AdrianDonado4

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Mi usuario en Twitter es Rossann68526070

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Saludos! Aquí mi participación
Usuario Twitter: MarcelysG.
Usuario Steemit: Marcelys1

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Respuesta al comentario de @Oreo:

Hi @steemitfoods this is my participation . My twittwr username is @saylawana


this is my entry for like


this is my comment

Me encanta este concurso, aquí participación:


Mi Twitter: @NatashaLezama4 (i´m_a_mess)
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This is my entry of the contest



Thank you @oreo and @steemitfoods

Saludos @steemitfoods por acá mi participación.

My entry, thank you.


Por aquí mi participación 🥰
Mi usuario en Twitter es @samynathy1

This is a beautiful Contest @steemitfoods

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Feliz mañana.
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Hola amigos aca mi participacion, mi usuario es @pepo84r


My twitter I'd is@benton337.



Hola! Linda tarde, mi participación en Twitter @Luisana41



Hola amigos aca mi participación mi usuario es @yibril84

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Hi sir @alikoc07.
My user: @hae-ra


Mi participación y usuario @ elidebp

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Hola amigos aquí mi segunda participación en este tipo de concursos @juliosnz

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Name on twitter: jenny_zerpa

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