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Today I was alone in a home so I have planned to give a surprise to my family by cook the Chicken Tandoori but without an Oven machine, when my family come I am sure they will not believe that it is made by me.

In this post, I will explain to you what I did and how to cook it step by step with all ingredients.

Most of us love different types of Chicken dishes, Chicken Tandoori is one of it and a famous starter in food.

Let's Make it. 👍



✔️ 1 Chicken without Pisces of around 1 kg
✔️ 1 lemon
✔️ Thick Yoghurt
✔️ Ginger Garlic Paste
✔️ Full Red Chilli Powder
✔️ Cumin powder
✔️ Tandoori Masala Powder
✔️ Garam Masala Powder
✔️ Salt as per your Taste
✔️ Red Food Colouring


Wash complete chicken clean, then give small cut on chicken breast and legs by knife. Then spread salt and lemon juice on the Chicken. ⤵️

Clean chicken and Add lemon juice, salt.

Take a bowl and add all spices in Yoghurt, Ginger Garlic Paste, Full Red Chilli Powder, Cumin powder, Tandoori Masala Powder, Garam Masala Powder, Red Food Colouring. ⤵️

All Spices in a Yoghurt

After adding all spices in Yoghurt, mix it well till making a good paste. ⤵️

Spices Paste with Yoghurt

Now Chicken and Spices paste is ready, now apply the spices paste on the Chicken, use both hands and make sure the paste applied on every corner of the Chicken. ⤵️

Chicken and Paste.

Paste Applied on a chicken.

Now keep it aside for an hour to marinate

Let's Cook it Now. 👍

First, we will cook the Chicken on steam and for that, we will take a big pot according to the chicken size, add water to it till half, take another pot on it through which steam can pass out, keep it on a high flame for first 15 minutes. ⤵️

Post with half water

Another pot on it through which steam can pass.

Put marinated chicken on it d cover it with another big pot on it. Cook chicken on steam with a high flame for 15 min and then low flame for 15 min. Chicken cooked well and soft. ⤵️

Put Marinated Chicken.

After 30 minutes, you see Chicken cooked well and soft. ⤵️

Chicken Cooked on Steam.

Now Fry It. 👍

Take another pot on which you fry the foods, add oil, and make it hot first then put the chicken which we cooked on steam.

Add Chicken in a hot Oil.

It seems I cooked on steam more time as Chicken make more soft due to which its parts are break when I put it in oil, but it is fine. Fry Chicken well in oil for 15 minutes.

Chicken Tandoori Without Oven Is Ready To Eat. 👍😋😋

Serve Chicken Tandoori.

While I was fry Chicken in oil, the family came and they have seen I was doing, it was a surprise at dinner but they came early a little. But the smell was nice and then after some time we all had dinner and Chicken Tandoori, it was Super Testy.

Thank You.


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