Welcome All to a New Cannabis Community

9개월 전

this will be a community for anything relating to cannabis, keep it friendly and support each other... that's it. thank you for joining and have a good one.


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It's always better to have more resources available to the cannabis community at large. Let the market decide, if there isn't enough interest in a particular community then it will fade away. Maybe have different communities for different interests - ie growing, politics, medical, etc.


Yes I agree, This was My idea in my latest Sub community I have been working on. That is more along the lines what I was meaning in my comment that sub communitys will work great as steem does shit to organize old post

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Hi @gitchemanitou.

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Smoke till I sleep

But we have the weedcash community? I get a sub-community that is linked to weed cash but for grows or reviews or MoM but to just have another cannabis community might be hard. We are a small peice of the steem eco system lol


I tagged weedcash in my post... and let's just see what happens.


I love the idea of having multiple sub communities inside weedcash.

Do you have discord? Maybe we can chat and work together on something