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Hello dear members of the Steemithobi community.

The first competition of our community, ''Share Your Hobby with Us'' has ended. Thanks to all participants for the interest in the competition.

Although we are a newly established community, I am very pleased with the interest you have shown.
I hope your interest will always continue and soon we will become a big family.

Contest Winners

@subconsciousnessSource5 steem
@colorfulworldsSource4 steem
@jacksonmark1Source3 steem
@baycanSource2 steem
@rukiyeSource1 steem
@vanessa38Source1 steem

Competition will be held regularly every week.

Follow our community.

contest winners
It will be selected among the candidates participating in the #club5050 and #club100 events.

If you want to support our community, you can Delegate.

Delegation ;

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Omg it’s a surprise that I’ve been selected as a 3rd place winner in the contest, sincerely this is my first post that’s been selected as a winning post ever since I have started steemit and writing contest in communities, I’m really grateful and blessed

It make sure me believe I’m improving with my writing experience ❤️😍


Congratulations on winning the competition. You prepared a nice post.

Stay active in our community.


Thanks so much

Muchas gracias... estoy muy contenta, 1ra vez que gano en esta plataforma , espero que sea la 1era de muchas...

Çok güzel bir yarışmaydı keyifle katıldım ellerinize sağlık 🤗

Kazananların tebrik ederiz👏👏

Kazananları tebrik ederiz

Bir sonraki yarışmayı bekliyoruz 👍

Congrats to all winners.. 🎉🎉🎉 and also thanks to steemithobby for organizing this contest😇😇😇