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My mother learned from my grandmother, my mother always saw my grandmother cook any type of food, and my grandmother's sason was so exquisite, unmatched, and incredibly spectacular. My mother of course, has a unique seasoning and out of orbit, she learned it from my grandmother, but the taste of my mother's food, how she prepares each plate of food can really take you to another world, so I think it is a mixture of both.



I love to cook, I learned from my mother, but I love cooking with many spices, although I don't have many in my house, I even like to follow recipes, I like to cook with wine, although I have not been able to cook with wine for a long time because in my country they are currently expensive. But I like to cook and learn. And I am a lover of an arepa and some tequeños, the melted cheese inside the tequeño is as incredible as its flavor, it is something that gives a pump inside the heart. They are delicious and smooth.

I learned to make tequeños and bread and in my opinion to make tequeños and bread, the secret is to knead the dough very well and not to overuse yeast in this case for the bread.



I love arepas, they can be filled with whatever you want, my favorite is the yellow cheese and the tuna. Yes I love the arepa.

But I am a lover of good bread with a rich coffee with milk



Today I made bread, the truth is to cook, make desserts, cook bread, or whatever dish is at my disposal, I like to cook it. Clear my mind, and calm my anxiety. For me, it's like great therapy.


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