Why I tripled my BATs Holdings 10 days ago ... And already made a >20% profit !

10개월 전

Dear HODLers,

As many of you already know I do believe in Brave Browser and company as well as in there BAT token even if we do not have a lot of uses today.

The price of BAT has been performing very well over the past few month coming from a floor of 0.08$ to close to 0.26$.

In my opinion, this is due to the following factors:

  • A mass market working product
  • An increasing number of users (>to 5mn Daily Active Users)
  • A clear and simple rewards system
  • A strong foundation/company driven to develop and leverage their active users
  • People are looking for more privacy while browsing and Brave can offer this

Lately there has been some backlash on Brave using its own referral code while referring its users to Binance.com.

In the end, the company canceled this and will probably not be caught again doing this kind of sneaky thing.

My previous articles on Brave Browser and BAT Token

Why did I invest a lot 10 days ago?

  1. Brave announced good users data as in my article above states

  2. They are developing new products as their own encrypted video call service

  3. It seem that we could soon see a Brave's version of Youtube ! Bullish

  4. Google Trends are still rising and seem to show an ongoing users increase ! (check below)

Considering all of these fundamentals events and myself simply looking at the google Trends below.

They are on the rise and allowed me to make a c.20% profit (bought around 0.21$).

For your information, I am still HODLing and looking for 0.35$+ as a target :D.

If you feel like trying it out: please consider using my ref link: https://brave.com/mrc105. Thanks, 😃

US Google Trends

WorldWide Google Trends

####BAT Price Analysis: Strong upward trend

Brave Browser Monthly Daily Active Users (DAU)


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I am powering down in four weeks as this is the new scheme after the secret hard fork!

What will happen to Steem after the new owner finished the powering down in four weeks?!
He controls all those coins he took from twenty people! Would he use them for some purpose?!

Are you still using the 13 weeks powering down?

Since the blacklist has been stopped. Do you think it is advisable to maintain the account on this platform?! I am not thinking about the reward, which is very tiny, but some friends don’t want to move to Hive and got frightened by the blacklist last week.

In the end, I won’t have the time to post on two platforms any way.



What blacklist?

Also, could you specify your comment about the 4 weeks power down? It means that we I need to reset it now to make it a 4weeks power down right?

Thanks in advance for your answers


Oh! Yep! You should reset your powering down!!
That is if you want to get out as soon as possible.

About the blacklist; you could look at my blog in Hive; I have reblogged it on my feed! You will enjoy the comments! I did learn a lot from reading those discussions! Kind of expand my mind a bit! Stretching the brain cells! Hahaha.

Will Bitcoin be going up this week? It’s been quiet these few days! I’m waiting so I would buy more Hive with my tiny Bitcoins! For powering up!

Good luck!


Thanks for the powering down tip. I will DEFINITELY check your blog ;)


Okay! Have a nice day!

Fantastic.... how do we get our BAT out of the Brave Browser though ?


use uphold wallet, It gets transferred to your automatically every month.


Thanks for answering the question :). The only downside is the damn KYC...

This browser does not work in Thailand, no advertisements for this region yet!
So, I stopped using it!


That sucks... They need to make it better for emerging economies and people I believe.