The dairy game 14/08/2021 amazing day with friends in bank and other activities by@faheemking

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I hope all my friends from Mitt will be fine.

6:00 Am

I got up early this morning because I have to get ready and go to work in the bank. First of all, I have to go out to freshen up. Got out and I also took a few pictures. Walking in the morning is part of my routine because it makes the whole day go very well. Anyone needs at least one or two kilometers a day and it is necessary if When he goes for a walk in the morning, his mind is refreshed and he stays fresh all day.


9:00 Am

According to the daily routine, I reached the bank and started my work. There are a lot of customers coming there. Because of this, the work increases a lot and we have to do this work full time so that the customer waits longer. Don't have to
These are my seniors in the bank whose name is Waqas. They are very good people with whom I work. They also teach me from work and if there is any mistake, they also guide me. How can it be fixed? I spend most of my time with them during my job and this time is very good.





12:00 pm

It's almost twelve o'clock and you can see the customer in the bank that they have come to get their money and are also depositing something. I don't even have time to eat because there are a lot of customers and we We have to bring food from home. It becomes very difficult when customers come in large numbers and we have to leave our lunch.


3:00 Pm

At about three o'clock, the scribe came to the bank to deliver the parcels. Do many parcels keep coming to the bank, such as the customs ATM card check book and other necessary things? The same thing happens when something else arrives on time so that they can stand by us. Buy our things, deposit money in our bank and withdraw money from our own bank.

6:00 Pm

We took a lot of things to eat, such as chicken frying pan, chicken korma and biryani, etc. We ate this soup with great pleasure. I hope you enjoyed my post.





10:00 Pm,, Night photography

I love photography. Even today I do a lot of photography at night in which I can't even see the moon. I have any place that I like, so I would photograph it. Am

In the same way, my whole day did not go well, which was very good. I also worked and had fun

I had planned to have dinner with my friends in the evening so I took my friends and we went to eat at a nice restaurant. These are my very old and good friends with whom I spend a lot of time.

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