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Today I am very happy because I have become a moderator of @open-theworld.
And now the time of EID. And it is like a very good surprise for me. And i really thankful to @open-theworld for trusting me. I hope and i will try to best work for our community. And i will never break this trust. Ibrahim assigned me and @ibrahim7869 say some duties which are under;

Rules Update.

Write Announcement of Our Community.

Guide New Members.

Post writing and Markdowns

We will work both together and make strong our community. And i will try to resolve your problems. As Ibrahim said me on discord Chanel who make for queries. Ask your problems on our discord help Chanel.
To all the members doing a great job. Each one of you deserve a appreciate. You are all putting i lot of effort for steem. If you are working hard, your hard work will never be wasted.


Rules®️ Update

That things are not Allowed🚫.

  • Taking pictures from the internet with out mentioned the picture source.

  • Stealing pictures of other sources such as Instagram, facebook, Twitter and or any other resources.

  • Taking screenshots from YouTube videos.

  • Editing someone's pictures and using own post without mentioning.

  • Rephrase and spinning the words.



Writing Markdowns TIPS

Applying Markdowns

If you want to make your post amazing and attractive to see so, then you need see the Markdowns Styles Guide . Do not use others applications or softwares for different fonts because writing styles written in different programs are not translate into different language here in steemit.

If you are a newcomer on steemit. And facing a different difficulties we are all just a text awy. Ask your problems;)


Respectfully Mentioned

@steemcurator03 | @cryptokannon | @steemcurator01 | @steemcurator07 |
to get there support.

I am sure you are really enjoyed to reading.

My Achievement 1 link is here.

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Author : @faran-nabeel

Contact Discord : farannabeel#81116



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Congratulations 🎊
Keep it up. I am very happy to see you as a moderator of this community.
And my best wishes for you.
And thanks for motivation to join this community.
You keep very hard struggle on steemit and i hope also keep hardworking as a moderator.

Regards, @mazharfreed


Thanks bro💖

I think you made you duty.

Good luck


Congratulations brother.......

My best wishes for you.


Congratulations brother...
keep it up

Many many good wishes for you. I hope your hard work will get us support very soon.

Good luck brother.💗💗


Thanks brother I really love active and positive mind members.❤
Thanks for reply my post.
Lets start learning with @faran-nabeel.

Congrats for mod and you also do work very hard on steemit. Keep it up and do better for this community.



Thanks bro for read my post..
And i really appreciate your work.