Nature Photography Challenge | 12 Steem Prize Pool

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We always see the beauty of nature with our own eyes but we never do what we have to do to keep this nature alive. Just as our hearts are cold or frozen when we see nature, we have a responsibility to balance this nature. We all need to work harder to keep nature from being ruined and to make its nature more beautiful and friendly.Nature is the key to our survival because it teaches us to live our lives in new ways.We see the green world wherever we look with our eyes and we get the love of our eyes from this nature so we have to take care of all the aspects of nature and take care so that the balance of nature is not disturbed.

Rules & Regulations :

• Topic - Nature Photography.

• You Need To Make Your Post In @open-theworld community.

• You have to added your post link in comment.

• Entries must be original work - No Plagiarism.

• Only 2 pictures need to be shared.

• Invite your 3 steemit friends.

• Resteem This Post.

• Share your entry in twitter & share screenshot comment below.

Prize :

Rank Prize
1st place 5 Steem
2nd place 3 Steem
3rd place 2 Steem
4th place 1 steem
5th place 1 steem

Deadline :

The last time this contest is on August 7 at 8 pm Bangladesh time.

Cc: @steemcurator01

Thank you

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Entry no 6

I hope everyone can perticiapate this contest

@malikking, @hariszahid, @ramzanbaow,
@yasin120, @analem, @maivillarroel, @jjcontreras3108.
You can see this amazing contest. If you can see please participate in this amazing contest

Buenas por aquí dejo mi entrada espero sea de su agrado..



Gracias por la invitación amigo @christophergls Cumplidos todos los pasos para el concurso.



Entry no 1


Gracias amigo @muhammadsameer por tomar un poco de tu tiempo para leer mi publicación..

I will perticiapate



Entry no 8



Entry no 10



Entry no 11


Thank you for the chance