Nature Photography Challenge | 10 Steem Prize Pool

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Every time we look around with our two eyes we see some wonderful pictures that color our minds and we basically choose this nature as the food of our life because nature does a lot for us to brighten our life in the way we live Helping us in various ways helps us to look at nature, our hearts become very good and we feel at peace. We are surrounded by a variety of plants, rivers, mountains and many other things that we like very much. Animals, birds, plants, our environment and the environment is a resource for our survival. In the environment we see different kinds of animals that fall into our nature and the beauty of nature illuminates our life.

Rules & Regulations :

• Topic - Nature Photography.

• You Need To Make Your Post In @open-theworld community.

• You have to added your post link in comment.

• Entries must be original work - No Plagiarism.

• Only 2 pictures need to be shared.

• Invite your 3 steemit friends.

• Resteem This Post.

• Share your entry in twitter & share screenshot comment below.

Prize :

Rank Prize
1st place 4 Steem
2nd place 3 Steem
3rd place 2 Steem
4th place 0.50 steem
5th place 0.50 steem

Deadline :

The last time this contest is on September 7 at 8 pm Bangladesh time.

Cc: @steemcurator01

Thank you

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Very Nice Contest

We need to save our nature

Another great Contest

I will definitely perticiapate

Wow another contest

I love this contest

Very impressive contest

Nature is heart 😍

Thanks for arranging it

Great thanks

Thanks for arranging another Contest

Very beautiful photography 😍

I hope everyone can part of this contest #open-theworld

Contest is very innervation

Nature is very important for us..

Definitely perticiapate

Very impressive

Dear @open-theworld and OPEN THE WORLD Community.

I have participated in this contest and my post link is given as below.



I have shared my entry in twitter & sharing screenshot below.
WhatsApp Image 2021-09-07 at 3.03.17 PM.jpeg