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Growth define it as the increase in size or intensity of something specifically, and for this it is necessary to evolve in some aspects and develop, in some cases, new methods to obtain the desired result. Equally, innovation can lead us to growth and overcoming so as not to be stagnated.

Our dear #opentheworld community is in growth stage, and following the logic of the definition above presented, we bring new activities, challenges and contests that will fly our imagination and activate that creativity at its maximum Expression, competitions that as the name of the community says, open for all.


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We started this new cycle with a challenge that we are adults will remind us of our childhood and that we can do it together with our children.


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It is the old game of observing clouds and giving them silhouettes, but in this case we will capture the image with a photograph and then make our post for which these rules should be followed:

  • Post Title The Steemit Clouds Contest from "Your Country" - Open The World Community
  • You owe RESTEEM this post for more scope.
  • Your post must be in our community Open The World
  • You must share a minimum 2 photos, strictly your authorship. (Not to plagiarism) and without editing.
  • In your post you must clearly explain the figure or form that you detail it to the cloud, without limit, is creative.
  • Remember to invite at least three Steemians to participate.
  • You must share the link of your publication in the comments of this post.
  • You must include the labels #STEEMITCLOUDS #STEEMEXCLUSIVE.



Do not limit yourself in your post, you must convince ourselves from the silhouette or form of your cloud, give it loose rein to your imagination and remember those moments of your childhood.

Duration of the contest is seven days from today August 4 and results Will Be Announced After The Payout of This Current Post. #



Steem Price Pool

Rank Prize
1st place 4 Steem
2nd place 3 Steem
3rd place 1 Steem
4th place 1 steem
5th place 1 steem


Thanks to all and let's continue the work for the growth of this great Community.

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I will definitely perticiapate

Amazing contest. I hope everyone can participate in this contest.
I am also 😁participate😁 in this contest.

Really good job 🥰


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Entry 4



Entry 5



Entry 7

Can we participate ?