Vectorizing my world #02

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Hi guys!

As many of you already know I am a graphic designer and what I like to do most is to design logos and graphic identity in general. This time I come with something different. Due to security measures for Covid-19 I am leaving the house very little, only going out to buy food, pay utility bills and walk the dogs.

These days while walking the dogs I took a picture of a sign on the street and I vectorized it using Adobe Illustrator. I liked doing this so much that I've decided to start vectorizing my world... I'll start taking pictures of things on the street that I'll vectorize and share with you in a post.

Today's design is about a wooden sculpture on concrete located in Boyacá Park, in Caracas... a place I visit constantly and which I like very much.

Final result

arte boyacaMesa de trabajo 1 copia 4.png

Original photo

arte boyacaMesa de trabajo 1.png

The Sculpture

arte boyacaMesa de trabajo 1 copia 5.png

The sign

arte boyacaMesa de trabajo 1 copia 6.png

The pattern or module

arte boyacaMesa de trabajo 1 copia 7.png

All designs were made using Adobe Illustrator so all artwork can be scaled to the size you want without losing image quality.

If you want to hire my services as a graphic designer leave me a comment or a message on Discord.

Take a look of my work here

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