Some Very Natural Landscape Pictures (Tourist sites)

Back With Some very natural scenery and make my eyes continue to look at it.
Collecting and then publishing has become my daily routine in the past few years,
The world is not as wide as Moringa and nature has taught me millions of beauty, and a collection is not too complicated.
Increasingly sophisticated, be it ideas or techniques of human thinking in investing and creating jobs for unemployed people in remote villages.
Besides inviting us with a very beautiful atmosphere, it turns out that many things contained in this opportunity I will discuss it.
Below I will try to be able to extend the argument regarding my image captions.


The location is located in the village of Mane Kareung, Blang Mangat District, North Aceh Regency.
This place is classified as still very simple and all this is the result of the thoughts of scholars in the village.
I write this in accordance with the confession of one of the villagers on the sidelines of my visit yesterday to the place.


Very clear and very suitable with my description above about the designer seen in the picture in this post,
A simplicity is clearly visible and there is no outstanding creativity from the designer of the small huts that were built,
The roof of thatched leaves and wood is very simple, and most likely they have not been able to build the middle to upper level.
However, future expectations can be more modern than now, and it is unfortunate that I did not meet directly with the development committee.


However, we can conclude from all these buildings, the level of remote village administration throughout Indonesia, it can be clearly seen that the village is very creative.
Creative indeed also needs more care and experience to be able to maintain it, and be able to continue going forward.
But I am also very interested in seeing and tracking developments in the governance of these tourist attractions,
And in the future if there is an opportunity I will visit again to be able to see and witness the beauty of nature around this tourist spot.


I took all the pictures on July 21, 2020

The perfection of an article must cover everything, not just writing and photo and don't forget to follow me

Look forward to other interesting posts from me.

{ I made this article ; Dated 22 - July 2020 , Darmawan }

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