Very Beautiful Natural Scenery

Several separate places I took a very beautiful view, a beauty that turned out to make myself very impressed.
I save all of that and I publish it here, take a look at some of my photography images on this very good opportunity,


My picture above is located in Sawang krueng mane, and this moment I intentionally took it, and I also enjoyed the sunset,
Stagnant river water is also clearly visible yellow, the effect of sunlight such as egg yolks, really very beautiful and special.


The next picture is still in the same location I was capturing, only the point of capture is different.
The river water flowed and felt so we enjoyed the atmosphere of the afternoon that was so elegant and there was a small building also recorded by my camera,
The combination with the flow of river water and sunlight being set into a very amazing thing.


The next picture is also still in the same location, which is the first picture and the second picture, a little difference of the three is the point of taking different.
This description can be a tangible proof of my three pictures above, and the atmosphere is still the same as the description of the previous two pictures from me.


The location is still in the same place, only in the fourth picture is my point of taking on the hill and clear from my picture.
Slightly different from the previous three pictures, clearly seen the sun is slightly visible due to being covered by clouds.


This is the last picture in one location and this image is almost the same as the first posted picture,
Just a little difference is visible, the picture above is slightly wider than the first picture from me.
Really the beauty in the river area in the afternoon is very beautiful and enchanting.


A separate location, this is its location on the beach of Ujoeng Blang, Lhokseumawe, North Aceh. This view I took advantage of an object that is a fishing boat in a parking lot,
This atmosphere is also fantastic with the beautiful sea water we see, and there are very modest rocks in my photography.


This is a little approach from my first picture and it turns out there are still other boats that are being disturbed on this seashore, the atmosphere is quiet and no fisherman is seen,
And I use this panorama for taking pictures by me, besides the beautiful picture, there is also the sound of birds chirping in the trees, and the sound is sung with the sound of ocean waves that are very special.
There are other panoramas, too, my location is just a different focal point, see below.


Very fantastic is not it? This is a very beautiful scenery addict with some other objects in my photography on this occasion.
In the picture above a little very close to the boat, and this indeed I deliberately modeled as I took it.


Well ... one more with a boat, as I explained in the first picture with this boat, and it is very clear here is a stopover or fishing terminal, but it is very unfortunate that when taking it there was not a single fisherman in place.
It's likely that they have returned to their homes to rest, and I continue the next adventure,


The next adventure is when I go home, it is located in Kreud Matre Geudong, Ocean District, the atmosphere of the river and the focus distance is a little long,
I do this to be able to clearly see the long atmosphere, or as long as the eye can see, and it is also very interesting and beautiful.
We enjoy this beauty together and hopefully all of us are entertained with some simple natural scenery, but very beautiful if we continue to point of view .

The perfection of an article must cover everything, not just writing and photo and don't forget to follow me

Look forward to other interesting posts from me.

{ I made this article ; Dated 21 - July 2020 , Darmawan }

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