Cuff (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)


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Good day freewriters! This is my freewrite entry for the prompt "cuff". The 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge which is an initiative by @mariannewest. You are all welcome to take part in this challenge by checking the profile of @mariannewest, and @freewritehouse.

At the height of the Covid19 pandemic, a company was closed down because of its violations. Jenna is one of the company's employees, but was focused on her online business after the suspension of some positions due to the mandatory quarantine in some industries.

One of her co-workers has led a protest for the re-opening of the company. Jenna, who has a family, decided not to join the protest for their safety from the pandemic. Also, she's fully aware of thr violations of the company, and she expected the closure. Still, she was saddened of the shut down of where she worked for many years.

The protest leader cannot control her anger as some of her co-workers didn't join their demonstration. She vented her anger towards Jenna. To defend herself, Jenna made a post in social media relating her reasons for not joining the protests. She asked the leader to respect her decision of keeping her family safe.

While watching the news, there Jenna saw some of the protesters with their hands in cuffs for violating health protocols. Some of them are even are even tested positive with Covid19, and spreads to other people. Jenna is just happy as she stood up on her principles.


Here is my freewrite entry for the prompt "cuff" which was written through the website

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