If the heart is to be made a house of God, then remove evil from it


If the heart is to be made a house of God, then remove evil from it.

The meaning of cruelty.

Unwanted person, unwanted object, unwanted place. Not to mention what the place is, it's just something we don't like.
If you stop thinking of yourself as Plato, peace will come.

If you stop making yourself a VIP and you think you are a VIP, you will find peace.
So get the bitterness out of your heart, this is a special recipe for peace of mind.

An even simpler and more beautiful version of peace is to start calming others down, you will find peace.
The one who gives peace finds peace.
Therefore, the desire to find peace is futile.

The one who brought peace will find peace
When man cannot decide whether it will happen or not, my shadow will walk with me or not, I have to take it with me or not.
Then the peace disappears.

The first thing that flies out of your hands in the world of your hesitation is peace.
The hesitation will blow your mind. Hesitation means to be or not to be.
So this hesitation will end the peace.
If a man is unpopular, make a decision, separate, peace will not be disturbed.

So what is peace is the name of bringing peace and what is peace is the name of removing evil.


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