Ageing (poetry)


When you see an old man with stick,
Never dessert him,
It is where he had toured over the years
That cripples him.

When you see an old man counseling you,
Never mistake his advice for foolishness
He never meant your downfall.

When you see an old man with bald head,
It is what he had thought over the years
That baldens him so.


When an old man give you cola to eat,
You may forbid it.
But when he advise you never discard;
No matter how knowledgeable you are.
When you see an old man with sunken eyes,
It's what he had seen over the years
That had sunken him so.

When you see an old man's dug-in cheeks,
It is the words of wisdom that he had spoken,
That dug his cheeks.

When you see an old man,
With a curved back;
It is the worries he had carried
That doubled him so.
Never you mistake these signs,
For attributes of old age,
Cos experience is synonymous" with ageing

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