Be happy (poetry)


A sound soul reflects no dull spirit
A sound spirit makes the mind strong.
A sound mind befits a sound body,
A sound body reflects a happy person;
A happy person lose nothing
Whatever happens, be happy.

Cloudy are part of living,
They help to toughen the body;
Lingering too long on thoughts, weakens the heart.
Therefore, be prudent in your thought.

Whatever happens, be happy
A happy person reflects a sound body,
A sound body houses a sound mind.

Happiness is free,
What you are passing through could tame you,
Not giving in to sorrow in the best way to overcome it.

Hide your sorrow,
With smile and happiness overwhelming the haters;
They bid you nothing good but mock at your absence.

Happiness doesn't require more wealth,
Riches doesn't give peace of mind.
You might be rich but lack the zeal to be happy.

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Happiness can't be buy, it is peace of mind and contentment that breeds it.
You might be indifferent so certain things,
But try not being overwhelmed by sorrow.

Sorrow will only worsen the situation
Without any prover antidote to the despicable dismay that breeds sorrow.

Happiness, fruits of Joy and contentment.
You might be rich but overwhelmed by sorrow,
While being poor is not a ticket to grief.
Happiness is the answer with commitment to getting a results.

A happy mind abhor no grief which end results is unwanted sorrow,
For tomorrow lies not in sorrow but happiness in sorrow in preparation for tomorrow.

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