Beauty unfaded


Like a flower,I'm beautiful inside out
I give hope and exude warmth
I undergo different transitions,
which ensure maximal reproductive success.

Like a flower,I blossom and keep growing
I make difference,regardless of where I'm found
I add value and source of relief to people
I give scent and beautifies the environment

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Like a flower, I brighten people's day
At my presence, a weary soul is console
I undergo trainings,have experiences
and get gleaned to yield productive results.

Like a flower, I bloom continually
No matter the season and the weather
I'm always spotted out for good in the midst of thorns
I give honour and esteem.

Like a flower, I beautify every souls,that come close to me
I'm an attraction to people and add scent every individual
At my presence,smile is probe out and exonerate boredom
I give love,happiness and affection.

Like a flower, I brighten my world
I am a beauty to everyone around me
and where I'm placed,I'm well known
I give joy,sweetness and healing.

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