Technology used in Great Pyramids-part-2

21일 전

The amazing fact about the technology used in lifting the heavy stones in pyramids development is that still our modern science is unable to uncover this fact that how they lifted each stone weighs approximately 2267.96 kilograms used in pyramids. Scientists say lets guess if they used the slaves to lift such a heavy stones in pyramids development then it's means they used 100,000 (1 Lac) slaves at a time. Such a large number of labor they used to build great Pyramids. One new fact about the Pyramids is that the heavy stones belonged to another part of the country not to the same area in which the Pyramids were build. Then how they exported such a heavy stones? It's also a surprising fact.
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Image source: Goggle

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very good and interesting information about the pyramids ... successes.


I will upload more about it.