Biggest Secrets

The broken destiny depends on the choices that lead you to the paths of freedom, the sum of the right energy, and believe in pure heart victories. A big difference is on the foundations of leadership persistence, hidden ideas become a future that is born through the ambitions of pure souls.


Get rid of the wrong ideas and thoughts, become a positive mirror of the reality that brings you pure emotions of love virtue. Nothing changes with the same habits, be consistent with the principles of success and you will pass through the valley of celebrities.

We sleep in the nights and dream the magnificent success that binds love games and the dogma of creation, you are the most beautiful lady with a sense of truth and love. Inspiring my desires on the altar of romantic love, run strong winds of positive change in all aspects of the life story.

The flowers in the field play in the sun and rain from the words that come from the sources of wisdom, the beauty of your strength sleeps on the wings of the swans. We play with the children and dreams of a creative elite, every possibility is a challenge that puts us in a good position.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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