Do we have enough quality users for Global Steem Internet Television?

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Steem Power is not enough to support all new users, no one can do it if we do not evolve in several ways. Maybe it is our destiny to be part of the Steem universe, certainly, nothing is accidental, we are in the right place and at the right time. Innovation, new Community Tokens, apps and expanding attractiveness with new offers, paying with Steem, franchising and enabling a large number of users to have their own Steem business. Imagine instead of making a Hard Fork in the future for each community to be a little Steemit, to have Steem Power and its own Token Power. Imagine that there is a special investor Steem Token, that there is a system for the highest quality posts, for the best active users, for those who bring in investors, for those who bring in new users. There is no development standing still, either going forward or going backward, we are making progress every day in realizing the maximum potential of the existing Steem ecosystem, it is time to take a step forward with development. Everything is driven by innovation, Steem is an innovation that has existed for five years, now we need the evolution of innovation because millions of new users are waiting for us. It’s nice to invest in Steem, but if we don’t have the opportunity to invest, then we have to be active and write, to create attractive projects to get support. 90% of users give up after 30 days if they don’t get support, everyone wants to feel real earnings on their posts. Steemit gives us the opportunity to become successful, we definitely need to be persistent and do Power Up, to invest, to create, and to add value. If you are not a programmer or an investor, you are left to be a promoter, if you are not a promoter then your posts must be attractive and creative, if you do not achieve that, you are left with community support, if you do not get that then you have to learn to change your direction of movement. Steem will grow, its value will be very great, yes Steem will get rich with new applications, everything takes time and we need to be patient.


Enthusiasm and interest is the driving force that creates creative waves of success, so always start with positive thoughts. Can we make a challenge for Steem Famous, to attract attention, there are certainly many projects that would be very interesting for our success. A community like Steem Foods can make original food recipes, perhaps a small production that will produce Steem spices, which would be another great opportunity for business development and Steem at the same time. We need to think about how we can generate money and use Steem as a promotion, instead of promoting Steem to make money on votes.

Can we organize Steem internet television, enable live broadcast for various blockchain interviews, events in Steem blockchain, etc.? Can we reward attractive users, make a new Steem Token that will be in the reward system, we have a large number of attractive users who can become Steem leaders, why not bring in a little more ambitious projects. We can do really great things, imagine that everyone who looks at the products of the Steem Token, if the mining of the new Token is done that way, that would be quite attractive. We have Steem blockchain as a strong foundation for building big projects, every user has the potential to do great things, it's time to go into mass action.


Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top

See you on the top @dobartim
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This is very nice move

Very nice post sir


Thank You, why this post is very nice?

Sir your post is with full of knowledge .According to my views if we want to success in future in very short time we should invest money or steem to do power up.If we get enough steem power we can emerged as a success person .

90% of users give up after 30 days if they don’t get support,

You are right sir.They should invest their steem into steem power.
But here if we support newcommers first they can do work hard and buy sp without invest there money .

The best post you have sent, the item you took in it, tell us that it is a very good number.


@dobartim my steemit father your influence on anyone who reads your articles should not ever stop to steem reason is your teachings has all the vitamins one needs to be successful in steemit and in stable society.

as you rightfully pointed many users who didn't rewards back off.

But that's not all about it I have seen some persons who come to steemit without been intentional they will end up floating.

If you are not a programmer or an investor, you are left to be a promoter, if you are not a promoter then your posts must be attractive and creative, if you do not achieve that, you are left with community support, if you do not get that then you have to learn to change your direction of movement.

I think this calls for all steemians to mirror their stance from the groups above. And I suggest to those of us who are in the business of bringing in new users and new investors about these groups so that they prepare their minds before signing up. With this quality becomes a watch word.

Steem on
Be original
Plagiarism is a crime
Steem value is benefit for all


Keep going to the top


With great leaders like you sir I'm sure I will get to the top.
Keep influencing
Keep inspiring
Keep educating .
Just one thing more form you sir I need more of your personal mentorship. Thanks in anticipation.

Yes, we should be enable the events about the steemit blockchain . It's true that we have a lot of attractive users on steemit. Your post always informative .


Yes, it is


Sir I want to say something if you don't mind . Please check out my all posts which are in the steemschool . I worked hard at steemit in the community of steemschool but I have not got a good reward without you . There are almost 4 hundreds active users working in this community. So please sir help me if I am going on wrong .
I hope you will consider on my problem . I shall be very thankful to you for this favour and kindness .

Dear @dobartim, I would really like to read our Steemit team's post, how do they see the Steemit project? Is this a business project or is it more of a charity project?
Why do I think so, what gave me this idea?
Look: Elon Musk is a billionaire, he promotes Doge. Everyone writes that this coin has no technical value, just an entertaining toy dog. But Musk gave a lot of money to ordinary simple crypto-enthusiasts to earn on this coin.
The DeFi and YFi project gave crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to earn a lot of money at the first stages of the project development simply for the support and faith in these projects from the participants.
Justin Sun - a young guy, a billionaire, added TRX to the Steemit so that all steemians would receive an additional coin. Billionaires, they are also people and want to share their success and even money with us, crypto enthusiasts.
What do you think about it?


Awesome, give for the promotions, firs buy cheap, than promote - give support and make a lot of money. If Justin Sun promote Steem, that is the huge value opportunity for all users.

@dobartim i am really greatful for such a wonderful post and advice, you have spoken well, we most get to the Top, i have never gotten any reasonable upvote but yet i can give up because i believe steemit have something very useful to help me and my family
@dobartim you can come to my blog for a review and help me with upvote thanks great man


Welcome to Steem Schools discord channel

Your greatness that you gave such a good information and knowledge about steemit.
Thank you very much


You are welcome

After work, whenever I find time, I will provide support for the steem to be more valuable. Can we write to your community on all kinds of topics? For example, can we have thoughts about an art? Like writing about what a picture makes us think? Or articles about celebrities we respect? By the way, thanks for your article. I gain something from your every post.


You can write about anything you want, it is important that the energy flows from your heart.

You gave such a good information and knowledge about steemit.


If we want to succeed in this, we have to work together for it, because success always follows in the footsteps of the person who performs his work with hard work and dedication.


Creative work, smart work, preservance