Love Changes

Feel the warmth with a smile of happy thoughts, show us virtue in the palms of spirituality.The rhythm of life in the downturns and successes changes the dynamics of happiness and unhappiness, we change with obstacles that take us to a greater level of challenge. Feel the balance between joy and sorrow and bring the experience of happiness to the next station of love, you are the present of the future that comes with the fast waters of beautiful progress.


Happiness is a sweet fruit with a taste of life's joy, open new paths to success through the knowledge of light.We catch the hook with emotions and capture the energy of changing emotions, we are enchanted with material stories as we search for the deep meaning of greater consciousness. On the break, we become something else and quickly reach peaceful conclusions about the changing news, look at the clouds of desire and go through the desert of illusion.

Changes bring the development of our love rhythm, you are the angel who keeps our secrets.Leave delusions and change habits that lead you to failure, you are the energy of the body and the emotions that give you the mighty power of destiny. This is a time of madness on the altar of love fun, passion shows the beauty that shapes the art forms with the desires of fashion tastes.

Feeling the wind of love romance that carries us to heavenly springs, they have become the love that gives strength.We again bring the potential of happiness to the altar of war and joy, show us new paths of success in tears of love vision. Something great captivates the magnificent emotions of travelling feelings, we have achieved self-realization through the insights of wise sources.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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