Money Cannot Buy Loyalty

Money is a major means of joy, material achievement and manipulation. Is the coronavirus a fictional story, or is it a reality that kills people? It will show the time ahead. Morality and rapid success have become big enemies in today's fast-changing world, and we are rushing toward goals that are sometimes impossible to achieve. Non-venerable moves become the norm for leadership, those honest leaders become the minority that is rarely heard in a pile of false information. We all have the desire to become rich, to become financially independent, that is the path through which we gain credibility or lose it. Employees in times of crisis want the same or higher salaries, owners want to make higher profits and reduce costs, solutions can only be found through the sphere of their entire life interests. In a small and poor country, a crisis is a disaster, but it is a chance to learn valuable lessons and move faster, make faster decisions, and work on better strategies. We grow with problems, we evolve with the challenges that present our best life teachers.


Loyalty is a matter of honour, honesty and a shared mission that we believe in. I have a situation where I have told employees that no one will get fired, but that we all need to push this crisis together in the best possible way. Some are in a panic, they believe that we have to cut wages, others say that in times of crisis, we should reward those who work hard, it is all a matter of the profits that are made. I decided that everyone should have maximum salaries, but if we do not have enough money then we all have to cut salaries.

When you respect your employees then they know how to reciprocate with loyal and dedicated intentions and work. They organized and invited their family and friends and offered to sell our products for a percentage. Our sales have started to grow, this is a fantastic example of loyalty not being bought with money, we have all found a common way out that makes us bigger profits and higher monthly salaries in times of crisis. If your employees only work for interest, then in times of crisis you will not have the potential to make the right exit and success.


Life is given to be used for the positive things everyone has blessings on. Selfish goals and greed are the biggest illness that causes envy and produces lies, all of which lead to the degradation of morals and spiritual values. In most cases, we do not see our flaws, which is why a deeper self-analysis is needed because emotional dissatisfaction is the root of our evil. It is good for us to be honest with ourselves, to commit ourselves to raise our awareness and to view everything that is happening around us as a reflection of our personality.

Karma is the law of cause and effect, we must ask ourselves what we are doing wrong when the same problem is repeated to us in various variants. Until we learn a lesson we will get the same problems, until we find a solution that is most often related to our spiritual development we will not achieve great life success. Success is not only a material realization, but it is also self-realization, peace and well-being in the family and the fulfilment of a life mission. Changes are inevitable because our nature is always in a position to strive for perfection.


What can I buy with Steem?

Is digital money the future that has happened or is it just a passing trend. When we analyze things a little deeper, then a completely real and new future where money does not exist opens up, Steem will be our means of payment. I believe that we are now on track to make our dreams come true, that Steem will become a business recognizable and as such it will bring us much success and satisfaction.

A bright future lies ahead
We Win Together



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Using money we can buy everything in the world except love and loyalty.


Love is love

Interesting, I see the parallel here. But now Steem has a different 'boss'. So, are you loyal to the organization, or are you loyal to the 'boss', because we still do not know what the 'boss' will do - whether he is a good guy, or bad guy.
I am keeping my options open for now. :-)

@dobartim, awesome dear with money we can buy everything but we can't loyalty. loyalty is only the thing which shows what we are inside, inspiring post, keeps working buddy!


Ser you on the top

Hello @dobartim, a good reflection, Do you have faith in steem, do you stay in steem?


I agree with you Mr




Are you doing a steemworld for Hive? I really enjoy the website. Let me know when you are going to have a simalar, or better version of that dope website made for the Hive platform. Thank you, have a great day!


U think dobartim created that app?