Shadows of experience

We dig a garden at the end of the hill and look forward to a new seed of good intentions, we create creative memories on the face of love romance. Justice is the winner in the eyes of the future, moral eroticism raises the dopamine of passion in the veins of leadership ambitions.


Running from the sun into the personal labyrinths of the past, turning from the heart's paths to negative consequences, sending messages to the creator with the wrong habits instead of sincerity and virtue. The transition of energy thought covers the remnants of our prayer, we nourish desires with empty activities.

Sleeping happiness goes to the door of a fateful fate, a smile shows signs of emotional tenderness through a touch of your attention. Feel my vibration through the energy of pure love, we are committed to higher goals that rob us of the burden of failure.

A suspicious reality falls on a bunch of exceptions while we make virtual rules of life, leaving good reasons for success with the taste of victory. We have shortened the sin from the past of the past with the desire of pure thought and love infinity, setting new limits behind the horizon of illusion and creating great works.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
We win together - Welcome to Steem Schools
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Very good writing dear👍

Good job dear...👍👍