Steem Blockchain is a Money Making Machine

We can buy Steem cheap now, we can invest it in Steem Power and make money. The big drop in Steem prices is in the decision of big players on coin exchanges that it is more profitable to sell Steem now and buy something else, the point is to follow cash flows, buy when the price is low, and sell or take profit when the price is high. The good thing is that Steem is not produced when SBD is above $ 1, which means that with Power Up we have less Steem on coin exchanges, at some point its value will grow if we switch the whole Steem to Steem Power. Can you imagine Justin Sun @justinsunsteemit making a new Coin and saying that everyone who has Steem on Steemit gets the equivalent airdrop, that would be crazy because its price would jump to the stars? We have the ability of airdrop to be limited only to Steemit, if they would make new coins or Steem tokens then they would achieve greater attractiveness and higher price. We have the other side of the story, if you don't have money, then Steemit is the first source of potential earnings, you need to be attractive, promote the Steem blockchain, and be creative in your actions, posts, projects. You can do a lot of beautiful things, success is just a focused movement towards the goal, action that gives results, and strategies that change for the better day by day. Try something new, browse the internet and learn about cryptocurrency movements, learn to recognize the signs of rising and falling prices.


Every day we learn something new, if you have a garden then you know that seeds should be planted first, diseases should be prevented, plants should be fed with water, they should be maintained until they give fruit that we can eat.
Success is a process and on the Steem blockchain it is mostly a team game, you depend on the lobby groups, the curators, the investments, the investors, and whether you have a strong enough idea and project to add value to Steem, then you will get support. There is no place for disappointment, there is a path and knowledge we gain, there is persistence and focus on achieving the goal, time is the biggest factor.

Steem On


Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top

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''Can you imagine Justin Sun @justinsunsteemit making a new Coin and saying that everyone who has Steem on Steemit gets the equivalent airdrop, that would be crazy because its price would jump to the stars? ''

Yes I can imagine...

Steem is so cheap. People should fill their bags and power up from this level!

Most of the people come by hearing but go back because they can't make a profit. Although it may seem easy to produce content on Steemit, it requires serious time and effort. I spend most of my day here. I read and follow people, I make comments, this takes serious time and sacrifice. It's really hard to produce content on Steemit, especially it's very difficult to do it every day! Sometimes we struggle for hours for a piece of content, but no one sees it, it happens that there is 0 earnings and this is very motivational! At least a little support and winning motivates people.


ENG Please

Sorry, not at the moment - steem price is down 80% since April and dropping 20% just today :( That's hardly money making - its very disappointing as all your work in the last few months depreciates in value


Yes, see the real reason - people sell instead to stake in Steem Power. Big investors power up and reinvest, but small users sell and this is the main reason.

@dobartim ♥️
Sir I get motivated by your contents

Sir I am here to discuss something serious with you,
When price drops people stops supporting and upvoting
Despite of there is always quality contents that sometimes gets ignored please undertake that issues too, 🥺


When people get in a bad mood because they lose money and their investment falls, it is normal that they are less enthusiastic to support others. This is a situation that is changing because essentially new users are looking at how to make money and get it out of the account, and that knocks down the Steem value.

Dear @dobartim Sir! I have read your all posts i think your all content post is so good and usefull to newbies.Thanks Dear Respected Sir!


You are welcome


Thanks Sure Sir

Thanks for such an amazing article.... Your motivation keeps us chasing the success 😇


You are welcome

I can understand, due to the economic crisis that many countries are experiencing, such as Venezuela, where I live, that people seek to earn money to satisfy their basic needs, however I understand from the little that I have read about Steemit and something about the world of cryptocurrencies that must be invested, saved to later see the profits apart from consolidating the ecosystem and for the values ​​to rise. I do not know if this is according to the content published by you, but more or less I understand in simple terms the importance of buying and saving pending new values.


Keep going

Very informative ND excellent post... Surly it will be very helpful for investors to invest their assets.

See you at the top, our master 🤩@dobartim. Good luck 🙏🙏


See you at the top with new investments.

@dobartim thanks a lot for this creative write up, i am really grateful to known this now.


thanks again


You are welcome

The best motivation,,,


I want to take the member title from Friend in the Steem Schools Community. Please give me the opportunity to post, as well as support.


You are welcome


sir please give me "member" label.

  ·  지난달

Why, when other cryptocurrencies lose value, they all lose? I do not understand this. Isn't the Steem blockchain independent of them? The reason I came back here 4 months ago was because the steem value went up. Now steem is back to its value almost 4 months ago. It looks like it will take a long time to get back up. It's best to invest and not sell steems instead of waiting to earn.


Invest, Power Up, Make Steem and reinvest in Steem Power.

Sound good