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We have such a good project that is a great basis for evolution in the future. Every business is based on a network of users, all who make new projects want to gain users. I want to explain the simple business logic, if you are selling a product or service, then you want to have as many customers as possible. The same is true for Steemit, all who make certain applications have the same goal, and for the users of the competition, it is a great thing because we have more offers. This is a slightly different thing and everyone is fighting for the votes of those users who have Steem Power. Competition and innovations bring progressive growth and development. Can we create a mobile application that is related to Steemit? Of course, we can, all projects are similar, and now it's a question of who will make a unique project and in this way for all of us to create a greater value. Each of us has the desire to make progress, for all of us, every innovation on Steem Blockchain technology brings a new opportunity for profit and success. We now have a Steem and Tron connection, tomorrow we may have all the Tron tokens in the earnings pool, and in the near future, each community may have its own Steem token or additional voting power through its Steem Toke. The potential for development is so great that fat is the only limit to our growth, so you need to create as much Steem Power as possible.

We are at the beginning of great success and global change in business, social networks and business practices. Everyone speaks positively and this is great energy for raising enthusiasm, I am an optimist and I see Steem blockchain as one of the leading projects in the whole world. Whether you are ready to progress rapidly and progressively, then invest money in Steem Power and be active every day. This is a new world that begins with cryptocurrency, begin to learn everything about blockchain technology because it is the future that is happening. A system that stimulates users to give their maximum is a real source of creativity, synergy and enthusiasm.

There are many great ideas but the right point is to get them to practice. Those who invest in supporting new users are genuine leaders, follow their steps and you will reach the top much faster. The Steem ecosystem offers solutions, knowledge, earning potential and financial freedom and connecting with people who have the same or similar life goal and interest. Steem value jumps, don't be surprised when it's $ 10 or more, then many will be smiling with happiness, and many will cry because they missed the chance of a lifetime. We have great potential for value, that's what we need to promote to all the people in the world because if they knew how good Steem is, they would already have millions of users.

We go to the top only with quality posts, promotions when we add value to the entire Steem community. There is a potential and the time that is ahead of us, everything will prove to be the right way, and I believe in Steem bright future. Probably every blogging fan would invest in Steem Power if there is money, in any case, it can progress even without investments, but it is much harder. Do you have your plan and the target group of people you are talking to? The key thing is to make your audience who follows and supports you. The one who manages to make a brand of himself goes to the top, begin to work on his unique talents and skills. Every day we need to be disciplined, to give our maximum, to work on our writing and communication skills because for the top we need to be ready with the best of ourselves. I also know that only constant work brings results, so other bloggers can recognize your unique style and posts. Write each day posts and try to get in touch with those bloggers that inspire you, comments are the best thing to communicate with others. In front of you is a path that leads to secure success, this path is implemented in Steem Blockchain technology and Steemit. Make your work plan and strategy that you will implement in practice, be constant every day and write posts from your heart. Steemit is a place where love, perseverance and material success are connected, it is so magical that it becomes a part of our life.


Money is the energy we need to understand, money is the power and responsibility that can remove many things that make us unhappy. Work for knowledge and money will come as a reward, when you have the right knowledge then you become successful in the world of business. We have a few problems with money, the problem is when we do not have enough money, the problem is when we fight for money and the problem is when we have a lot of money. When we do not have enough money, that means we do not have enough knowledge, when we fight for money, then he runs away from us, and when we have a lot of money, it's a great responsibility that we should take with him. We determine how much we will earn, it is not easy to become rich but it is possible, it is worth working for. Money is energy moving because we believe in the power of money, the same is true with coins. Money has people who have a plan for its movement, energy must not stand in the same place because its natural state is to move. I am investing my profits in Steem Power and I have always plans where the next investment will be invested. Each of you should have a plan what exactly he wants to do with the money, for how much money it takes to do the project, etc. When you have a plan then dreams become reality, naturally, you need to work every day to achieve your goals because nothing happens by itself.
Steem the future has come, it is time to give 110% of our capacity.

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Together we can change the world, we create a better future for us, our children and the children of our children.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


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thanks a lot @dobartim, for
this great post. I will repost it on my page to read it every time laziness comes ... Only work helps to achieve goals.
As I read your posts, I immediately go to write mine.


Great decision


Thank you so much